As we all know that the U.S. law requires you to have an ophthalmologist-issued prescription in order to buy contact lenses. The FDA and FTC regulates the sale of contact lenses in the U.S. The Law restricts contact lenses from being sold by unauthorized channels such as cosmetics stores or unapproved online dealers. Luckily, there are many online stores like that sell high-quality non-prescription contact lenses to its clients (who know their prescription) in the U.S.

Why Contact Lenses is a Better Solution?

According to, there are over 130 Million contact lens users worldwide. That’s perhaps because they offer numerous advantages over surgeries and glasses. As compared to vision spectacles, contact lenses are easier to use especially if you’re into outdoor activities or sports, they are less likely to fall.

Luckily, contact lenses can fix up almost all eyesight issues these days including astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia. With growing demand for surgical procedures, the use of contact lenses remains a secure, result-driven and cost-effective way of attaining clear and restored vision.

Along with these noticeable perks, contact lenses can also be used to improve visual acuity. As increasing number of people realize the benefits of contact lenses, the world-wide usage of this medical device is also expanding.

Some of the benefits of wearing contact lenses include (not limited to):

wearing contact lenses

– Better Vision

Generally, contact lenses are designed to cure refractive problems. In addition to that, custom-made contact lenses can cater to your specific visual needs.

– Provides Comfort

Due to the intervention of modern technologies, today you can find lenses crafted from different materials to prevent eye health issues and maintain comfort. For instance, you can invest in a pair of hybrid contacts that are made from the combination of soft and rigid materials to keep your eyesight clear and also to curtail any visual distress.

– Wider View

As contact lenses are designed to fix up on your cornea, it enables unconstrained visual access. In addition to that, studies also suggest that using contact lenses can decrease visual distortions.

– Great for Outdoor Activities

Whether you’re a sportsperson or a swimmer, contact lenses give you incredible freedom and support. With contact lenses, you don’t have to worry about any obstruction whether its smoke, water splashes or fog.

A Perfect Beauty Accessory

Non-prescription cosmetic lenses make a perfect beauty accessory. Now you can wear any color with confidence and allure as you have an accessory that can help you look perfect and flawless in every color. Ideally, you should consult your doctor first before buying any cosmetic product for yourself. However, don’t risk your eye health by purchasing low-quality stuff from local stores or flea markets if you cannot get an opportunity to talk to your doctor in the first place.

Can I Buy Contact Lenses Without Prescription in the U.S.?

Buy Contact Lenses Without Prescription

As mentioned earlier, the law requires you to purchase lenses by showing your prescription only. However, there are legitimate online retailers who can provide you with great products if you know your prescription without having you to show up your prescription in the first place.

If you’re opting for a non-prescription option, just be sure to research about the store or products you’re investing your hard-earned money in. Plus, you’re also risking your eye health. So, you have to be extra careful while purchasing your non-prescription contact lenses from any online retailer.

How to Determine You’re Buying Contact Lenses From a Trusted Dealer?

Buying Contact Lenses

Although, there is no rocket science involved in figuring out the authenticity of the online retailer you’re dealing with. However, there are a number of ways you can assess the product you’re buying is worth the price.

Professional Website

The first thing you should assess is the website experience you’re having with the seller’s website. The site should be professionally-made and it should offer easy and smooth navigation option to its users. Crashing websites with poor graphics is a clear indication that you should rethink your buying decision.


Another way to assess the credibility of the retailer is to skim through testimonials available on the website or other third-party review websites. This way, you can learn from other’s experiences and can take your decision accordingly.

Transform your personality with non-prescription contact lenses after taking a hint from this post. Your eyes are precious and definitely you need a perfect product to complement its beauty. Stay beautiful, stay safe!