Train Vacations

Train vacations are becoming more and more popular, and for good reasons. If you travel by rail, you will see things that you would not see if you were traveling by car or plane. There is wildlife and people and places that you might not see otherwise. Traveling by rail is an exciting adventure that you do not want to miss.

Canada Rail Vacations offers rail tours across Canada and the United States. They are best known for their Western rail tours through the Canadian Rocky Mountains. They have many different railway tours that you can take throughout the area that they serve. You can take train tours that last just two days all the way up to tours that last up to sixteen days. You can also have a railway tour that is custom made for your wants and needs.

With these railway trips you can go to many different cities, or you can go across Canada. You can also go into the United States if that is where you want to go. You can see the wonderful Rocky Mountains in Canada and the United States. For these tours you will ride in style on the Rocky Mountaineer train, a luxurious train that you will not want to leave once you board it.

The Rocky Mountaineer train has beautiful large windows that give you a panoramic view of the gorgeous scenery you will be seeing on your tour on the rails. There are no other trains quite like this one. If you choose GoldLeaf Service, you will also have glass dome windows and a viewing platform.

The seats in the train are wide and comfortable, even allowing you to recline a bit. They are comfortable enough that you can also eat your meals and have your drinks in them without feeling too cramped. You are guaranteed a special vacation when you choose to ride the rails on the Rocky Mountaineer.

The service is also spectacular on the rail vacation of a lifetime. You will be served dinner and drinks right in your seat. You will also be regaled with stories and histories of the area that you will be traveling in. You will be entertained with by your hosts the entire distance of your railway adventure.

Railway Trips

Railway Trips

You can do a two-day rail trip from Vancouver to Banff that includes an overnight stop at a luxurious hotel in Kamloops. You can learn some interesting information about Kamloops here: This trip includes all the luxuries that you would expect from the longer railway trips throughout Canada. Things like local cuisine, the best beverages, and all the snacks and treats that you could want are included in the price of your ticket.

There is a six-day rail trip from Vancouver to Calgary that you can enjoy, as well. You will see all that Canada has to offer you, from lakes and waterfalls to the peaks of the Canadian Rockies. You will only travel by daylight so that you will not miss a single thing. You will spend the night at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise after a day of exploring the national parks of Yoho and Banff.

The twelve-day railway trip begins in Vancouver and will take you through the different eco-systems that Canada has to offer. You will see the rainforests, mountains, lakes and waterfalls, and the valleys on your rail trip. This is all in the luxury of the Rocky Mountaineer, so you will enjoy all the scenery with no obstructions. You will also see Whistler and Jasper before going on to see the mountain national parks of Banff and Lake Louise.

If you want to take the trip of a lifetime, take the sixteen-day railway trip from Vancouver to Halifax. This cross Canada train trip will start at the Pacific Ocean and end up at the Atlantic Ocean, traveling through the wonderful world of Canada. You will see it all, the luxurious rainforests, the mountainous glaciers, the meadows and plains, the lakes, and finally the rugged east coast of Canada. It truly will be the trip of a lifetime because you would enjoy it all on the Rocky Mountaineer, the best way to truly enjoy the scenery.

You can also take railway trips through the USA. These trips begin in Denver, Colorado and can end in a variety of places depending on the wants and needs of the passenger. There are two-day trips all the way up to nine-day trips that are also taken on the Rocky Mountaineer railway train. These trains also have all the amenities of the Canadian Rocky Mountaineer trains, including the larger, panoramic window that allow to have an unobstructed view of the scenery.

This trip is a two-day trip that will begin in Denver and end up in Moab and has a stop in Glenwood Springs. This website has more information for you about Moab, Utah so that you can see what you might want to do when you arrive.  nine-day train trip begins in Denver and ends in Las Vegas, Nevada with views of the American Southwest that includes canyons, deserts, archways, hoodoos, and even more.

Whichever rail trip that you choose to take, either in Canada or the USA, you will enjoy stunning views, wonderful history lessons and stories from your hosts, and luxury amenities onboard one of the best luxury trains that exists. You will have the panoramic windows, the glass domes, and the viewing platforms available, along with the best service that you could ask for.  

Traveling by train is one of the best ways to see all the country that you want to see. These train trips allow you to see things that you might not be able to see by car or plane. You will not want to travel any other way once you have done so by railway. It is just adventure that you cannot have any other way, you will see the true countryside and all that it offers.