The small Indonesian Island of Bali attracts millions of tourists each year to enjoy the tropical paradise at very affordable prices. With long stretches of pristine coastlines and a selection of luxurious villas in Bali to stay at, it’s easy to understand why this destination is so popular. Here are nine of the must-visit attraction in Bali to fully experience what the destination has to offer. In each Bali villas Seminyak, tropical gardens surround the pool and there is a large bale at the edge of the pool.

1. Visit the Mysterious Goa Gajah Temple

The Goa Gajah temples rank as one of the most unusual attractions in Bali. Located inside a cave and featuring endless statues of Hindu gods and deities, a trip to this temple is a must-visit site. How many times have you had the opportunity to experience a temple inside a cave? As you walk through, keep your eyes open and marvel at the ancient temples. Be sure to check out the surrounding landscapes as well to capture the perfect photograph.

2. Marvel at the Tanah Lot Temple

Arguably the most famous attraction in Bali, the Tanah Lot Temple sits on a rocky outcrop that extends into the sea. The offshore temple sits elegantly against the attractive backdrop of the Indian Ocean. Most people visit to witness the sunset slowly descend towards the horizon behind Tanah Lot.

3. Spend the Day at Sanur Beach

If you’re looking to spend a day on the beach, check out Sanur. Located along the southeastern shores, this stretch of coastline gets relatively few tourists providing a quiet and more laid-back atmosphere. A few sun loungers are available for a small fee and tourists can get a bite to eat at one of the nearby restaurants. Sanur Beach is a gem that’s appreciated by both local and foreign tourists who want to escape the crowds on Bali’s more crowded beaches. Just remember to pack plenty of sunscreen and to drink lots of water. The sun and heat can be brutal in Bali.

4. Visit the Famous Elephant Safari Park

A short distance from Ubud lies Bali’s Elephant Safari Park, a major highlight for foreign tourists. The park takes excellent care of the animals and offers visitors the opportunity to see the rare Sumatran Elephants. As you walk around, you can ride on their back and feed them. But the highlight of this attraction in Bali doesn’t end with the chance to see the endangered species. The Safari Resort located within the park itself allows tourists to spend the night and experience the wildlife after hours. This is a must-do for anyone with a passion for elephants.

5. Take a Day Trip to the TirtaEmpul Temple

Bali once had deep cultural roots related to Hinduism. And one of the most important places for Hindu worships remains open to the public in Central Bali. The TirtaEmpul Temple features a large pool used for ceremonial purposes and a certain serenity found nowhere else on the island. Worships still come to the temple and it’s important to follow the customs and traditions to remain respectful. Visitors can go in the pool and enjoy the spiritual experience. But you need to wear your clothes making it essential to bring a spare set.

6. Savour Bali’s Most Stunning Region

Kintamani in Bali’s northeast rates as one of the most attractive places in Bali. With a large lake surrounded by active volcanoes, Kintamani attracts visitors from all walks of life to enjoy the environment. Not only does the area have stunning landscapes that are highly photogenic,but it also boasts some of the best hiking spots. Several trails lead around the lake and up the volcanoes where visitors will be rewarded with incredible views of the landscape. For a more magical experience, wake up early and hike to the top of the volcanoes and watch the sunrise. Several tourists also like to bring a picnic and spend the day enjoying and soaking up the beauty of the region.

7. Indulge at the Luxurious Jimbaran

Jimbaran is one of the best stretches on thecoastline in Bali. With a number of high-end resorts and international standard restaurants, tourists can relax on the sand before enjoying a romantic dinner in the evening. Compared to the rest of Bali, Jimbaran to the south or Kuta attracts the more affluent tourists. If you’re looking for the ultimate five-star experience, this is the place to stay. Or perhaps you just want to explore the island and come and see the more lavish part of Bali.

8. Dine at Bali’s Most Famous Restaurant

Locavore restaurant has an attractive setting in a tropical paradise and provides one of Bali’s best culinary experiences. With a selection of local dishes and multiple course dinners served up by professional staff, this restaurant is the place to go for an evening of good food and sophistication. The prices will be much higher than the rest of the island,but the world-class experience is worth it. Remember to make a reservation to avoid disappointment.

9. Learn About Balinese Culture at the Museum

The Museum NegeriPropinsi has a wide selection of artefacts describing Bali’s story. Starting from prehistoric times to the present day with plenty of cultural elements thrown in, there’s little wonder by the museum is a popular attraction. Visit in the afternoon to avoid the crowds and decline the offers from the locals offering their ‘tour guide’ services.

The Best of Bali

From mysterious and spiritual Hindu temples to pristine stretches of coastline, Bali makes an excellent place for a getaway. But don’t limit yourself to the beach. Instead, take the opportunity to explore this Indonesian Island and get the full Balinese experience.

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