A car hits a crowd of trainee cops in Los Angeles

A car hits a crowd of trainee cops in Los Angeles
A car hits a crowd of trainee cops in Los Angeles ( Image Social Media )

On Wednesday, a car collision injured 25 officers in Los Angeles. Five of the officers are currently in critical condition.

Around 30 policemen trainees were preparing for the day when a car, driving in the wrong direction, collided with them. The car didn’t appear to slow down before impact.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said at a press conference.

Many people were injured, he added, and the scene was “shocking.”

Villanueva stated that some of the injured “lost limbs,” while one required a respirator to breathe.

The video footage from the accident showed more than 10 ambulances and an SUV parked on the sidewalk. The SUV’s front was damaged.

Fire Chief Sheila Kelleher stated to the Los Angeles Times that the car was heading in the wrong direction when the accident occurred.

Villanueva revealed that some of the people being trained saw the car speeding up and figured it was moving about 56 kilometers per hour before it hit the group.

The driver, who wished to remain anonymous, was detained at the scene. The California Highway Patrol is currently investigating the matter.

The county’s police chief confirmed that the driver was not intoxicated, according to initial breathalyzer tests.

He told reporters that, based on the evidence they still have to collect, it appears to have been an accident–a terrible one–but that they cannot know for certain until the Highway Patrol has completed their investigation.

According to the Los Angeles Times, who cited unnamed police sources in their report, the driver told officers he was exhausted and that tests were underway determine if 22-year-old was under any sort of influence.

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