Carrom is a popular game in today’s world and there are many opportunities available to earn money by using your knowledge of games. To play carrom you need patience, concentration and an active mind. In the game of carrom, the striker plays an important role in the carrom game. Your win and lose depends upon how you use the striker.

There are some carrom strikers rules which will help in becoming a better player at carrom games.

Carrom striker rules to pocket coins and points

Following are the carrom striker rules you can use to get most coins and points:

  1. Before you pocket the coin, you have to make it clear that your striker touches the front line and the rear line.
  2. You cannot touch the diagonal lines which are drawn on both sides, i.e. the left side and right side of your position. For example: if you are putting a red circle at the edge, then the striker should not touch the diagonal which crosses the red ball.
  3. You can use the index finger and middle for forward shooting. It is recommended that you should use only one trip in which you are pro. Do not try to use everything in one place.
  4. There should be an aim and accuracy of your shots and you must improve them.
  5. You should use your thumb for thumbing and backward shots.
  6. If your striker sinks into the pocket, then the player has to pay the penalty point and you will lose your waste of that turn.
  7. Players mutually decide the penalty if the striker sinks.
  8. When a player is making a shot, and striker for carrom men goes away from the carrom, then they will be put on the centre of the board.
  9. The red coin that is queen can be yours if you have pocketed your one coin and this will be done when you have already placed your carrom men.
  10. If you failed to sink the red coin (queen), then you have to put one coin back from your pocketed coins.
  11. Participants or players are not allowed to touch the board and any coin during the gate to avoid any disturbance.
  12. If the coin in the carrom is placed vertically and diagonally after making the structure, then the coins will be handled by the striker.
  13. If you make a shot and the striker doesn’t move a bit, then you will get another chance in that round.
  14. Players will not get another chance if they don’t pocket the coin.
  15. If you have pocket all the coins but you also neglected the red coin that is queen, then you will lose the match and your opponent will be considered as the winner.
  16. The winning player will get a single point for the coins left by the opponent and three points will be given to the red coin that is also known as the queen.

Online carrom striker rules

There is not any major difference between offline carrom and online carrom. Some of the basic things and a few carrom striker rules will change. The clicking option will be given in the place of striking. You can use the same tips and tricks in carrom online to improve your skills and to win the game. But you have to keep the same attitude in the online carrom game. No matter what, the mode is changed now. But your speed, edge and aptitude should be the same. 

 Tips for online carrom:

  1. In the beginning of the game, one player will start the game. He has to drag the striker from left to right along the striker line to make the shot. And after confirming that you are sure to make the shot, you need to release the finger to take a shot.
  2. It will be considered a foul if:
  • Tour strikers sink into the pockets.
  • You sink the last coin before covering the red coin that is queen.
  • You hit the coin which lies on the diagonal line or the striker line.
  • Your striker is under your striker line.

In all these situations, you receive the penalty and you have to put your pocketed coin in the carrom board or they will lose their chance.


The carrom striker rules and other rules we have mentioned above will help you in becoming the winner in the carrom game. But you have to keep practising the tricks that you are supposed to use in your game. As there is a saying, practice makes the man perfect, you can change it by saying practising tricks make the game perfect. 

Carrom is not an indoor game now. It has become one of the most popular sports in the world. To win this game, you have to develop a good understanding of the rules if you want to both enjoy the game and win the game. If you are looking for a gaming platform, then you can consider the Getmega app.