Optimized data usage is one important task you have to deal with every single day. Here, you need to keep a tab on Internet data usage while watching movies, listening to your favorite music on YouTube or watching videos on social media platforms. Here, you want to retain few hundred MB data for some important work in the evening. When you need to take lot of pain to manage data usage on your device, it arises the need of some tool that helps you keep a tab on data usage automatically. Further, it also helps you manage and optimize data usage all day long.

Use Check Data Usage: To deal with above-mentioned issue on your Android device, we suggest you use Check Data Usage that is a revolutionary solution to fix data usage worries effortlessly. Here, this smart tool helps you manage data usage on per day basis by helping you set data limits and view data usage chart. It is bundled with some amazing features. Let’s discuss some of these features here.

Check Data UsageFeatures of the App

Intuitive & User-Friendly App: Check Data Usage is smart solution that works on cognitive and user-friendly interface. It displays all features in seamless manner to help you access them well. Further, it helps you perform all tasks in an effortless manner.

Check Data Usage Set Data PlanSet Data Plan: App allows you to set plan/s for better management of internet data usage on your Android phone. While setting up data plan you need to state details like maximum data usage limit and days. You can choose days from calendar or opt it from presets. Further, it allows you to set alerts to avoid breaching set data limits. You can click on “Show Wi-Fi in Notification” option to view Wi-Fi data usage in phone’s notification bar.

Set Data PlanOptimize the Internet: This feature will disable all services & apps running in the background to help you optimize Internet data usage. It is useful functionality of app that enables you save data usage by disabling unwanted apps & services running in the background.

Clean Cache: This feature of the app helps you clean all app’s unnecessary cache files to improve their performance. Further, it is also useful to recover storage space.

RAM Clean: Here, app will disable all the services on your device that are using RAM. Technically, it will improve your device performance by cleaning RAM space.

Data Use Chart: Under this feature, you can view total data usage report both on Wi-Fi and mobile network on per day basis.

Data Usage App Data Use ChartData Summary: Under Data Summary, you can view total data usage on your phone since the time this app was installed on your phone. It will display total data usage summary both on Wi-Fi and mobile network. You can view reports on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Data Usage App Data SummaryPlan Summary: Under Plan Summary, app will show you all expired data plans on your phone. It is useful feature that helps you manage data plans well.

Usage by App: Under this feature, you view data usage by individual apps. It is useful feature that helps you manage resource-hungry apps.

Set Alerts: By setting alerts for data usage, you can avoid breaching set data limits.

App Exclusion List: Using this feature, you can put any app to exclusion list to avoid scanning of the selected app when “Optimize the Internet” feature is enabled.

App Exclusion ListThe Verdict of the App: Check Data Usage works on smart algorithms to help you manage and reduce unnecessary data usage. Here, it helps you keep tab on resource hungry apps and help you manage them for better results. It offers data use chart and data summary & plan summary to offer you better insight into data usage on your device. You can use this smart tool to optimize your Internet data usage for improved results.

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