Grey is an extremely versatile colour, making it a great pick for a pair of curtains. Not only are there various shades of grey to choose from, but it’s easy to match grey with just about any colour. As a fairly neutral hue, you can pair it with other neutrals, pastels or bright and bold colours for a captivating look. If you want to choose grey curtains for a room but you’re unsure about the rest of the colour scheme, you don’t have to worry about it too much. You have a lot of options to choose from, and you can create just about any colour scheme you want.

Go Monochrome with Grey and White

If you want to keep things simple with your colour scheme, a monochrome room can easily work out well. While you might usually think of monochrome as black and white, combining grey with white is also a great idea. White creates a versatile background for a room, helping to make everything brighter and maximise the light. This is particularly good in the winter, as any Scandinavian will tell you. Grey helps to add some warmth to the white, contrasting with it and making sure everything doesn’t look too plain.

Match Grey Curtains with Other Neutrals

Instead of using white on its own to match your grey curtains, you can consider using other neutral colours too. Try using anything in the cream or beige spectrum, which you can use in many different ways. You could create a beachy, natural look like a home in the Hampton. Or you might use some different shades of brown to create a warm and cosy feel for any room. Natural materials are fantastic for creating a neutral colour scheme, giving you lots of textures to make things more exciting. If you’re worried about everything being too neutral, you can add a splash of colour to brighten things up.

Contrast Grey with Brighter Colours

Grey also goes well with bright colours, which pop out when they’re placed against a grey background. If you have chosen grey curtains, consider choosing one, two or even three bright accent colours to contrast the softness of the grey. Some great colours that go with a grey colour scheme include electric blue, sunshine yellow, hot pink, red, teal and more. When you have a grey backdrop, you can get away with using more colour than you might if you had colourful curtains and walls. If you’re thinking about paint colours or wallpaper, you could choose one wall and make it brighter so it pops.

Create a Soft Look with Pastels

If the bold and bright colours are a bit too much for you, you could think about using some softer pastels instead. They can help to create a soft and cosy look for any room, and they’re fantastic if you’re looking for something of a vintage or feminine touch too. Try colours like a powder blue or blush pink, or perhaps a light yellow. Combine pastel colours with soft furnishing and home accessories, like cushions and throws, for a bright but warm room.

Pick a Warm Colour Scheme

As well as bright shades and lighter pastels, you might want to try using some warmer, darker colours. Deep navy blue or maroon could work out well for your grey colour scheme too. However, if you decide to do this, you might want to think carefully about how to avoid making it too dark. You don’t want the room to be dark and dingy, so consider choosing a lighter grey for your curtains or perhaps injecting a flash of colour using a brighter shade too. Think about your lighting, as well. If you choose the right lights, you can make sure that the room isn’t too dark at any point in the day.

Use Different Shades of Grey

Another way to make the most of grey curtains is to create a grey colour palette. There are different shades of grey that you can explore, from the lightest shades that are nearly white to the dark charcoal greys that are almost black. You can combine these different variations to design a grey room that has a range of shades and textures. The trick is to keep things diverse and avoid having too much of one particular grey shade. Add lots of texture to make sure it still looks warm and inviting, instead of flat.

If you want to use grey curtains, you can choose from lots of different colour schemes. Grey is so easy to match with other shades that the possibilities are endless.