Clash for Speed – Your Track, Your Rules!

Welcome to the world of Xtreme Combat Racing!

Well, Clash for Speed (CFS) is meticulously designed combat racing game for racing maniacs. This powerful game offers abundant options to customize your game and improve the gaming experience. Above all, it offers something that none has offered yet, the opportunity to draw your own 3D racing track with its track builder. Let’s explore this intergalactic powerful combat racing game in this review.

Highlights of the Game

  • 5 unique 3D – game environments: Green Valley, Floaters, Rocky Roads, Mystic Lava & Sci-Fi Gravity.
  • 8 upgradable battle cars: Combat, O’dare, Dustin, Ninja, Brutal, Skull Dragon, Bone Shaker & Battle.
  • 15 Pre-Defined Tracks with different attacking rate for quick racing.
  • 20 upgradable tires & 10 original car stickers (decals).
  • 5 On-Road Obstacles & 8 Off-Road Traps with amazing upgrades.
  • 10 types of deadly weapons with different levels.

Meet Speed Hog: An intergalactic character, who is insanely addictive to speed. Speed Hog owns all planets in the game where racers build their own tracks & challenge other players on it.

Features of the Game

Custom 3D Track Builder: Yeah! you have heard it right!

Well, when was the last time, you have created your own track to race a game? With Clash for Speed (CFS), you get a chance to create your own 3D track in a jiffy to race a game. This vehicular combat racing game gives you an opportunity to be a designer of your own track with different difficulties level to stop the opponent from winning the race. In addition to on-road obstacles, you can create off-road traps to this custom designed track to increase the difficulty level. More complex you design more chances you get to win more trophies. Further, these trophies help you explore more features of the game. Here, you can draw thousands of customized tracks including straight road and cross-road options.  CFS also offers you default tracks to race in addition to allowing you to draw one for yourself.

Custom 3D Track Builder

Explore New Levels: The race starts with Green Valley planet where you get a chance to accustom yourself to the environment and gaming style. Here, with each win you get chance to level up in the game and explore more options. During the game, you will find more than 10 game levels with increased difficulty level and nerve-wracking experience.

In Game-Garage

In Game-Garage: To feed that racer-stint in you, game offers you multiple car options. Here, you find number of powerful machines as you level up in the game. This is perfect for racing maniacs who are willing to get more out of the race. Here, car options include 8 cars with different built and features. In addition to multiple car options, you also get a chance to upgrade the car with features like better speed, acceleration, durability and control.


Weaponry: In addition to multiple car options, you get a chance to try your hands on different weapons from the arsenal. Here, you get some impressive options like nitro, shield, laser, mines, spikes, oil spills, flamethrower, missile launcher, cannon gun and freeze gun.

Wheels Decals1

Wheels & Decals: Game offers you different variants of car tires and decals options to help you improve your gaming experience. Here, you get 20 car tire options (which unlocks with different RL points & coins) and 9 decals options. You find car tire and decals options when you level up in the game or you can even shop them once it is unlocked in the game.

racing game

The Verdict of the Game: Clash for Speed is designed & developed to help you experience best combat racing game with multiple options. Here, you get a chance to explore a number of car options, weaponry, tires, decals and more. Above that it offers a unique option to help you draw your own racing track. You can try this amazing 3D free car racing game to wake up that racing freak in you.

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