Click funnels and Leadpages are both tools that have been developed to help small businesses to better serve their clients through their online storefronts. A click funnel is an online sales builder that assists small and medium-sized companies to market, sell, and deliver their goods and services online. A leadpage is an online tool that helps businesses builds up their emailing lists; this is the primary function of leadpages. The offer for lead pages usually comes with a wide variety of templates that are meant to attract an audience to help grow your email list.

Click funnels and leadpages are effective landing pages; however, each comes with its pros and cons, and it is up to the business owner to make the decision as to which is most suitable for their operational needs.


Click Funnels allow the user to build a complete sales system that you can lead buyers to. The flexibility in page building lets you create a page that will enable upselling and down selling as well as the ability to integrate payment processors such as Stripe. With all these data being collected by the system, it makes sense that click funnels naturally come with a powerful analytical tool to help comb through the data and make sense of the business needs.

LeadPages, on the other hand, allows the business owner to gather the information that will generate leads to the business also the system comes with a basic page and conversion analytics program.


Both ClickFunnels vs LeadPages come with monthly and yearly subscription programs and offer varying discounts depending on the duration of the subscription. Click Funnels range from $97/ month for their essential Click funnel sales funnel builder, to a high of $997 for six months for their full package with unlimited tools and training.

LeadsPages start at a more modest $37/ month for a minimal pages and integration package. With prices going to $2400/ year for their complete Leadpages package with annual training sessions. In the click funnels vs leadpages debate, there is no doubt that the cost depends on the level of service provision required. Click funnels are however more expensive every month due to the higher number of features available to the user.


This is a significant issue when dealing with internet software. Click Funnels offer priority phone support to their enterprise members, and regular users can, however, only access support via email. Leadpages provide the same email support levels for their daily members. Their pro members, however, have access to live chat and email facilities as well as full phone support for their services.

Integration with Third-Party Applications

Inclusion is essential both from the customer point and the business parts. No having third party support might result in loss of business and even drives away potential customers. Leadpages only offer limited integration features, such as email marketing and webinar services. Click Funnels, on the other hand, offer integration with third-party apps such as payment service providers to make the customers experience as smooth as possible.


With this simple look in some of the features, the battle between ClickFunnels vs LeadPages has a long way to go. Each offers distinct advantages and disadvantages that a savvy business owner can put to practice to drive up their sales.