Collagen rich foods can help you look younger and feel better. Check out this guide to learn what you should be eating to boost your collagen levels.

Collagen is a protein that provides your skin with the ability to stretch and gives it a smooth, supple texture. You can find collagen in the bones, muscles, the digestive system, and tendons.

As we age, we lose collagen levels without the help of supplements or by adding certain foods to our diet.

Read on to discover more about a few collagen-rich foods and how they can contribute to youthful-looking skin and a healthier life.

Bone Broth

Since a major source of collagen comes from animal bones, it’s not surprising that bone broth is one of the most collagen-rich foods available. You can purchase pre-made bone broth or make it yourself at home.

Animal bones contain connective tissue with high levels of magnesium, calcium, amino acids, and other nutrients. To ensure your homemade bone broth is high quality, use bones from a local butcher for freshness.

When you make bone broth, feel free to add other ingredients like spices and seasoning. It tastes great eaten hot as a soup or you can add it to other recipes to help you get collagen in your diet quickly and easily.

Some forms of collagen are highly concentrated in tendons, bones, and joints so when you cook animal bones, the collagen is released. Examples of bone broth include beef, chicken, and turkey which are all high in various types of joint-supporting collagen.


Salmon has high levels of zinc which is a trace mineral that activates the proteins in your body to create collagen synthesis. Not only is salmon packed with nutrients, but it also contains high levels of healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

These healthy fats can help to reduce inflammation and promote healthy skin with its moisturizing properties. It’s important to know that your body can’t produce omega-3’s on its own so you’ll need to get them from your diet.

You can purchase farm-raised salmon, but wild salmon has much higher levels of healthy zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and other collagen boosters. Some other excellent fish options include mackerel and tuna if you can’t get salmon easily or you’re on a budget.

Be aware that any farmed fish can contain certain toxins like mercury and PCBs. Always read the label and keep your consumption of farmed fish to a minimum. 

Collagen-Rich Foods: Fruits and Veggies

Of course, you want to consume as many fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet as possible. However, only certain veggies and fruits are rich in collagen. You can also use liquid collagen for weight loss.

Leafy green vegetables are extremely dense in nutrients and may also prevent the breakdown of collagen in the body. Some delicious examples of leafy greens include kale, broccoli, arugula, and lettuce.

These vegetables also contain chlorophyll which may contribute to higher collagen levels in the skin. Some research also shows that chlorophyll can prevent UV-related damage and free radical damage, resulting in a more youthful appearance. 

As for fruits, those that are rich in vitamin C are best. Vitamin C helps to link amino acids together, which are the primary building blocks of collagen.

Anything from oranges and lemons to grapefruit and limes is an excellent source of vitamin C. This important vitamin can prevent the breakdown of collagen in the body while protecting the inner layer of the skin.

You may also notice a variety of skincare products that contain vitamin C. This is because it’s known to help with skin repair and regeneration of the skin cells. 

You can easily get leafy greens and healthy fruits by eating salads or by eating the fruit alone as a snack or dessert. Toss some vegetables and fruits in your blender and make a delicious smoothie for a quick dose of collagen-rich foods in your daily diet.


If you want to give your diet a real collagen boost, there are plenty of high-quality supplements available, too. These collagen-rich products can be in the form of a pill, capsule, or powder that you can add to smoothies and baked goods.

You can find collagen supplements at many health food stores or from retailers like Phi Naturals and other reputable companies. Read the labels carefully and follow the directions so you can be sure you’re getting the dose you need.

Most supplements that contain collagen feature peptides which are known to strengthen the bones and joints. These peptides can also fight the signs of aging and may even promote healthier hair and nails.

If you choose to get more collagen in your diet through supplements, make sure they’re sourced naturally. This ensures that you are getting healthy collagen and not something synthetic that could contain harmful ingredients.

A combination of dark leafy greens, fresh wild-caught salmon, and bone broth along with supplements should be more than enough to provide you with the levels of collagen you need. Mix collagen powder into coffee, tea, or orange juice for a boost.

Improve Your Health with Collagen

For healthy skin and stronger bones, try these collagen-rich foods in your diet to get results. Whether you prefer fruits high in vitamin C or you enjoy a warm cup of bone broth, these foods will give you the boost your diet needs.

If you can’t always eat foods that have high collagen levels, be sure to try a supplement that can bridge the gaps in your diet. Be sure to check out our variety of posts discussing everything from health and lifestyle to tech and business and a whole lot more.