Online shopping has its own privileges and drawbacks, but with a little know-how, you can avoid any type of risks. Here is a tool allows you to access your suppliers’ websites directly from your purchasing applications. Here are five common problems that you might face while doing online shopping.

1. Quality

The quality of the product is very important, but in the case of online shopping, it is a risky business. Many websites can be misleading about the quality and reviews are not always a reliable way to judge a product. Additionally, getting the right size is a major issue especially when you are buying shoes or a clothing item. Size cannot be accurate all the times and can vary from brand to brand.

2. Shipping charges

It has happened to all of us where we add our products in the cart, and as soon as we check out, we are hit with additional shipping charges. These charges are not mentioned beforehand on the site in most cases, which is a bummer. This is most common when your total order amount is not high enough to qualify for free shipping. In some cases, the shipping charges are added on individual products instead of the collective order.

3. Return policy

Exchanging or returning a locally purchased item is not that difficult task because the store usually takes back in. When you shop online, you do not see the product live but only get the images. Images can sometimes be misleading, and you can end up with a product with a below average quality or something you did not imagine it to be. It is a possibility that you will receive an item with a flaw or some manufacturing fault and you will need to exchange it.

Well-known brands and websites have a flexible return policy, but some websites have very ambiguous and confusing terms so it is only after receiving the product that you realize that the company might not take it back. That is why, when you are shopping online, be very sure to read the return and guarantee policies carefully.

4. Delivery issues

Some websites will inform you of the delivery time immediately after you place the order, but not all websites will do that. If you need a product for a certain occasion, it will be frustrating to get no response from the company while your product is not getting at your doorstep. Check the delivery time when you are making online purchases because some websites offer products at low costs, but their product delivery can take days. It should also be noted that the delivery time in urban and rural areas also differ.

5. Security

When you are on the internet, it is very common and understandable not to trust every website you come across. There is a possibility that the website you are visiting may be an online scam store, in which case your online shopping will not be safe. These websites have products at low cost but collect your personal details. Always do shopping from websites which are certified.

We hope that now you will be more aware and careful the next time you are shopping online.

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