Comparing Holistic and Modern Prescriptive Treatment Methods

Comparing Holistic and Modern Prescriptive Treatment Methods

The debate between holistic and modern medical treatment methods has been around for a very long time but it still rages on. While supporters of either discipline of medical treatments will swear on the effectiveness of their camp, the truth lies somewhere in between. Both treatment methods have their advantages and disadvantages and which one works best for the patient needs to be figured out.

Holistic treatment methods treat patients with an attitudinal approach to health including psychological, familial, societal, and spiritual factors along with biological ones. Prescriptive treatment on the other hand focuses on a particular illness/disability and focuses treatment on it specifically. If you want to understand them a bit better, here’s a short rundown of their pros and cons.

Pros of the Holistic Treatment Methods

Holistic treatment methods are often considered the ‘natural’ or ‘traditional’ approach to medicine because it tends to lean on natural remedies and processes to cure. For example, if you have high blood pressure instead of pharmaceutical medicines you’ll be prescribed changes to your diet and certain plant-based medicines that work over time.

The best benefit of a holistic approach to medical treatment is that the treatment positively affects your whole body as opposed to just the symptoms. Another huge benefit is also the fact that whether they work or not, holistic prescription methods don’t harm the human body in any way.

Holistic treatment methods are also often less expensive than their pharmaceutical counterparts, though certain herbs and plant parts can be quite expensive. All of this combined with the fact that natural treatments have been around for thousands of years makes a strong case for a holistic treatment approach.  

Cons of the Holistic Treatment Methods

Just because it’s ‘all natural’ doesn’t mean holistic treatment methods are without their share of cons as well. For starters, a lot of holistic treatment methods aren’t scientifically researched or validated. Also, their application in long-term treatment is questionable as it doesn’t immediately soothe the symptoms a patient is suffering from.

Also, holistic prescription treatment methods are not viable for emergency situations, so don’t expect a miraculous remedy when a patient is having a stroke. Unlike pharmaceutical medicines, holistic medicines aren’t regulated, which is not a major issue since holistic medicines often have zero side effects.

Another disadvantage of holistic treatment methods is the fact that it depends on reports from modern medical equipment for accurate diagnosis of a patient. Diagnosis methods for holistic medicine are often severely lacking. 

Pros of the Modern Prescriptive Treatment Methods

Unlike holistic treatment methods which rely on chance and time to heal a patient, modern prescriptive medicines are science-based medical treatment methods that rely on chemical medicines to treat patients. These medicines are usually well-researched and tested before being publicly made available and used.

One of the strongest characteristics of modern medical treatment methods is that it focuses on a single ailment or multiple ones a patient is suffering from to create a customized treatment plan. Some treatment plans are better in a controlled manner. In general, pharmaceutical treatment methods are quicker than their holistic counterparts

Anxiety and mental health disorders are also something that is treatable by modern prescriptive treatment methods. This ranges from generalized anxiety to treatment for drug and alcohol addictions. For example, those suffering from Benzodiazepine addiction can find specialized Benzodiazepine treatment in New Jersey. Considering the rising number of mental health and addiction sufferers around the globe this is a significant advantage indeed.    

Cons of the Modern Prescriptive Treatment Methods

Despite having a lot of disadvantages and being the most common prescription method in the last two centuries, modern medicinal treatment methods have had lots of problems. The biggest problem of all is the side effects. Often when you take medicine for a particular illness or condition, its side effects can cause new illnesses to spring up in your body due to the harmful chemicals used.

Some of the most common side effects include anxiety, weight loss, weight gain, damage to internal organs, and more, all of which have been scientifically proven. Transparency is also a huge issue as a lot of big pharmaceutical companies often release medicines without properly testing them or outright lying about the side effects.

Price is also another big factor when it comes to modern prescriptive treatment methods. For example the price of certain medicines like insulin and cancer drugs are very expensive, putting them beyond the reach of the general public.

Knowing What’s Right For You

Now that you know the differences between holistic and modern prescription treatment methods, you should have an easier time figuring out which one is best for you the next time you’re ill. Keep the pros and cons in mind and choose your treatment method based on budget and viability and always consult a professional.