Photographers come in all shapes, sizes, and particularly specialties. While a lot of photographers will more or less be capable of achieving what you need, especially if they’ve received training for it, it’s still different to actually hire someone with a specific focus. For instance, corporate photographers specialize in taking photos for businesses, ranging from specialty shots to event photography and even headshots. With a lot of photographers out there, what questions should you ask in order to know who to hire for your photography needs?

Corporate Photographer industryIt might help to first have an idea of the photography industry nowadays. For instance, research predicts a rapid growth for digital photography especially during the advent of photo sharing and social networking sites. This means applications such as photo editors and photography services will be on the rise, given how this can be applied to various niche markets. While smartphone cameras do pose as a competition for camera equipment, the global demand of niches for professional photography equipment still appears to be continuously rising.

Corporate Photography: The Questions to Ask

Corporate PhotographyIf you want to take your business branding to the next level, you might be surprised as to how powerful photos are in giving a “human” factor to your brand. After all, you may have found yourself wanting to buy products and avail services from a brand you know you can relate to, right? You can do the same for your business by hiring expert corporate photographers, such as What questions should you ask if you push hiring a corporate photographer for your photography needs?

  • What sort of photos do you need made for your company? Corporate photography has many classifications, and a lot of them tend to intertwine with other kinds of photographs. For instance, corporate photographs can be taken in the form of headshots, event photographs, or even situational photographs that can be framed or posted on websites and social media. Try to make sure you’re clear with the kind of photographs you want a particular photographer to take for you.
  • How often do you need these photographs taken? Aside from the classification of photographs, you may want to clarify just how often you want these corporate photographs to be taken for you. Is this a one-time thing where you bring a photographer to events? Or will this person be the official commissioned photographer for company needs? This can likely determine the kind of arrangements you’ll have with your corporate photographer and might even get you special discounts and arrangements.
  • When from your time of request would you need the photographs? Aside from how often you want the photographer to take photographs for you, it’s helpful if you clarify exactly when you’ll need the photographs after they are taken. For instance, do you need the photographs a few days after they’re taken? Can they wait a week or a month? This will likely determine part of the costs of the photography service, especially if they’re rushed.
  • Would you want these photos to be edited post production as well? Some companies would like raw versions of the photographs their photographers take. Some also opt for edited photographs that have gone through post production in order to improve their quality. However, do remember that if you want the photographer to do this themselves, you’ll also need to increase their pay for them to be able to do an excellent job.
  • How would you prefer the payment system be done? Different photographers prefer different modes of payment. Some would like to be paid upfront, while some are on-call and have a monthly salary. Others also like to be paid by the hour. Clarifying this with your photographer can greatly help you stay away from confusion and misunderstandings in the long run.
  • What else are included in the quotation or invoice? If you ask for an invoice from the photographer, do ask if there are other charges that need to be taken care of. See if there are fees such as allowances or “extra” fees for assistants and stylists that you need to consider as well.

The Bottom Line: Corporate Photography Has Specific Needs

When you want to hire a corporate photographer, do consider the above before actually signing a contract with one. Corporate photography is a specialty in photography that requires certain attention as it helps build your brand through pictures. As such, it’s important that you choose a photographer that can highlight these elements properly. Make sure you ask the questions above in order to determine whether or not your potential photographer actually understands the vision you have for your company and if they’re actually capable of meeting your needs.