The fourth-largest island in the Mediterranean basin, Corsica is brimming with a rich history, stunning nature views, and much more.

Have you ever heard about Corsica island? Many people haven’t!

Corsia is located south of France and west of Italy. Despite its unique location in the Mediterranean, there’s a lot of people don’t know about the island. Is Corsico worth visiting, and if so, why?

Keep reading to find out!

Indulge in the Cuisine

When you’re on vacation, you want to indulge in dishes you could never find back home. Corsica offers a blend of French and Italian cuisines you can’t find anywhere else in the world! Many of the traditional dishes include local meats, fresh seaweed, and locally-product brocciu, or ewe’s milk cheese.

Don’t forget to try an authentic Corsican dessert while you’re on the island. Fiadone is a creamy cheesecake that’s flavored with zesty lemon; a refreshing end to any meal.

For the wine lovers out there, Corsica offers a delectable arrangement of wines. One local grape variety, Nielluccio, is often referred to a cousin to Uscany’s Sangiovese.

Try the Vermentino white wine or Sciarcarello red; both of which are unique to the island.

Take in the Views

There are over 330,000 people on the island, making it the least populated region of Metropolitan France. The lack of crowds makes it ideal for taking in the scenery.

Corsica offers rustic mountains, stunning hilltops, and sparkling waters. Visit one of the coastal resorts or charming cafes along the water. Don’t forget to pull out your cameras to snap a picture!

You can discover more of Corsica’s delights to plan your visit!

Enjoy the Arts

While you’re on the island, make sure to enjoy the local art scene. Corsica island celebrates traditional arts such as jewelry-making, pottering, and knifemaking. You can also find polyphonic choral singing; a musical tradition unique to the island.

While you explore the Balagne region, try to visit some of the artisans hard at work to learn about their skills!

Step into Nature

Corisca’s Mediterranean climate is ideal for a fun summer vacation. You’ll find sunshine plenty of sunshine—don’t forget to pack your sunscreen. 

The island is also home to a lot of rare animals and plants. Consider visiting the Parc Naturel Régional de Corse; a natural park designed to protect endangered species. The park is home to the mouflon and Corsican red deer, which are both almost extinct.

While you’re outside, consider canoeing, hiking, or exploring on horseback, too!

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Explore the Rich History

The town of Calvi is one of the most visited spots in Corsica. It’s well known for its rich Roman architecture, colorful houses, and cobbled streets.

You can also explore the ancestral home of Napoleon, which is now a national museum full of history!

Take a Break: Five Reasons to Visit the Island of Corsica

Take a vacation you’ll never forget! These five reasons to visit the island of Corsica are five reasons to pack a bag and get going. There are so many other places to explore. Check out the Travel section of the blog today for more amazing places to visit!

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