A passion for cars is not uncommon among today’s drivers, which is why there are so many gift ideas to consider. However, if you ever run out, below you can find five of the most unorthodox kind.

#1: Driving Gloves

Driving GlovesYou know the type: leathers, with nice designs and some cutting up on the back of the hand to make driving look a bit more fancy and elegant than it actually is. These go great for those friends who have classy cars (or would love to own one) and you can even pair it up with a nice chauffeur hat. But if you know your friend won’t get the joke, the gloves should be more than enough.

#2: Personalized Keychain

Most people wear whatever they find as a keychain, starting with the logo of their car manufacturer (or their dream car’s) and ending with small metallic figurines. But I bet your friends will appreciate a leather keychain with their name imprinted on it. It’s classy, elegant, and serves as a nice key differentiator if you tend to mix-up keys with your significant other.

#3: Personalized Number Plates

Number PlatesSpeaking of personalized stuff you can offer as gifts, why not go one step further and get a personalized license plate? There are plenty of cool combinations to try and the registration process is extremely simple. All you need is a plate number generator like on Absolute Reg, and the time and patience to find the one that will best fit the future owner.

Such a plate is the perfect gift for that friend who seems to have it all, so if you’re ever stuck, give this idea a try. They’ll love it, believe me!

#4: A Well-equipped Toolkit

It may not be crazy but it is definitely a must-have for all drivers who like to work on their own car! So, if you have a friend you know likes to avoid a trip to the service and fix it at home, the possibility to keep all their tools in one place will definitely make his day. And they’ll fondly think of you every time they work on their car!

A toolkit is also a good choice for a driver who doesn’t really know much about the inner workings of a car. Chances are he or she doesn’t own even one screwdriver, so when an emergency will hit, they won’t know where to start. Luckily, you were a fantastic friend and got them a basic toolkit for just such a situation!

#5: Speedometer Cufflinks

These can be paired with the gloves I mentioned above, but they make a great gift on themselves. So, whether you have a friend who likes speed and you want to play a joke on them or you just know your friends love cars to death, these cufflinks will always make them think of you.

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a lot to impress your car-loving friends; you only need the idea that will make the most impact.