Credit Unions are pretty similar to Banks but with a slight difference. Credit Unions are not-for-profit organizations, and they exist to serve their members solely. They function precisely like banks by accepting deposits, providing loans, and vast arrays of financial services. The credit union in East Texas provides a safe space for its members to borrow at a reasonable interest rate. Credit unions often offer better saving rates and reduced fees as they are non-profit entities.

Comparison to Banks

A credit union and a bank have different goals. While the primary obligation of a bank is towards its shareholders, the obligation is towards its members of a credit union. Another significant difference between the two is that banks typically offer lower interests on deposits and higher interest on loans, which is a source of profit. In contrast, when a person deposits money into the account of a credit union in East Texas, they become an owner-member. The Credit unions use their deposits to provide loans to other members and function just like a bank. Since its primary goal is not to make a profit, they take the net interest margin and offer better saving rates and lower loan interests. They also offer membership for a significantly less amount.


  • Credit unions are much more personalized when compared to a bank. While a bank may be spread out over a large area, members of the credit union take all the decisions by allowing direct access to the people about the potential financial transactions. 
  • It also offers a higher rate of interest on checking accounts. Even though some banks would be offering better rates, it is always wise to compare it with the local credit union.
  • Credit Union offers meager interest rates on loans, and it is wise to compare interest rates with banks on personal loans or mortgages before making a decision.


Credit Unions are not always better than banks just because they offer better rates. This is because credit unions are not accessible to everyone as a person needs to meet its membership requirements before they can avail of its services. Since credit unions are very exclusive, they hardly have the budget to carry out extensive operations like banks. Also, banks are quite ahead in terms of technology and use Artificial Intelligence to carry out their day-to-day operations. Therefore, credit unions won’t be able to match the services that they offer. Finally, it is worth noting that credit unions are limited to only a handful of locations like that of Credit Union in East Texas; therefore, a person won’t be able to avail of their services when traveling outside their local area.


A person needs to have something in common with a group of people to be a part of a credit union. For example, they need to work in the same job or live in the same community to be a credit union member. Otherwise, they will be charging you a nominal membership fee. Credit unions are a great choice if a person wants a community-focused financial institution that will offer them brilliant interest rates for their financial needs.