If you want to build a business website that actually makes an impact on the people who land on your chosen domain, then you’ll need to include a few key design aspects in your layout.  There is no exact prescription for a winning business website design, but there are a few things you simply can’t do without.

A little online research will quickly explain to you the most important features of a well-built business website.  Here is a brief overview of just a few of those pivotal design aspects.

Simple navigation options for users

Every successful business website begins with simple navigation.  If web users can’t figure out how to explore your digital display, they won’t take much time on your website.  The key to conversions is getting users to stay on your page.

Don’t start your relationship with passing users off on the wrong foot, and make navigation simple.  Start with a stationary navigation system like this website for on-site nitrogen systems chose to use in the design of their business website.  Create a line of destinations along the top of the page that stays with users as they move.  

Mobile friendly content

From today until further notice, your website design should always cater to the mobile users of the internet.  Mobile users have recently taken over dominating the flow of traffic online, and your website won’t be much good without mobile-friendly content.  

Lace your content with SEO

Design your website with the concepts of search engine optimization as your guide.  SEO will lead you down the path to visibility. Learn to navigate the digital requirements of Google’s search algorithm, and your business website will be in much better shape.  

Search engine optimization will give you the ability to give the most popular search engine just what it wants to see, so your website can rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages).  The higher you can rank in the SERPs, the more visibility your website will have online.

Weave your content into social media

Social media is a radiant outlet for exposing your new digital creation to a wider audience.  If you can reach your target audience through the pages of a social media profile, then you should always put in the effort to reach out for connections.  

In addition to adding social media sharing icons to your website design, begin building business profiles on all of the most popular social media outlets.  

Make sure you have quality content

Even if you have all of the aforementioned elements within your business website design, you won’t make much progress with low-quality content.  Make sure everything you post on your website is interesting and enriching to users in some manner.