Planning another mountain bike adventure? Climbing steep ascents and navigating through rough, uneven paths can are challenging enough. You don’t want to add more risks, like getting lost or accidents to make your journey even more perilous.

With the right gadgets like a road bike smartphone mount, you can turn up the fun and excitement and turn down the safety risks.  

GPS Bike Navigator

It’s easy to get lost in the vast wilderness, especially if you deviate from worn paths. A GPS bike navigator will come in handy in case you stray from your trail. Sure, you can use your phone for navigation, but phones aren’t built to withstand the tumble of mountain biking.

GPS bike navigators, on the other hand, are built for all kinds of weather conditions and exposure to many things that can damage a smartphone. Your safest and most reliable bet is to get a dedicated GPS unit to get to the places you want to go.

Power Meter

A power meter is one of the most accurate devices you can use to measure your riding performance. If you want to maximize your mountain bike adventure, you may as well take one of these reliable training devices with you.

Unlike your heart rate, power is rarely influenced by extraneous factors. That way, you can get a clear measurement of how much power you used on the pedal in any situation, using your power meter.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use a heart rate monitor. It also has its benefits. Using one together with a power meter will provide you with the most accurate and insightful data to track your performance.

Bike Light System

Staying visible is one of the most important rules of being a cyclist. It’s easy for other road users to overlook you since your vehicle is not as big and drivers tend to not anticipate sharing the road with cyclists. Although you probably won’t be riding through highways all the time, you’ll still go through them during your journey.

Increasing your safety is always a good thing, so you might want to consider installing a light system on your bike. Having one will certainly make navigating through the dark or bad weather a lot easier.

Adventure Camera

You can’t embark on a mountain bike adventure without your adventure camera. With one mounted on your bike, you can record every exciting turn, ascents, and descents, then you can relive the moment after your adventure. Plus, it will help you gain more insights on your ride and study a terrain to master it.

Recording your rides is also a matter of increasing your safety. Installing a dash cam or adventure cam on your bike means you have some form of defense against insurance scams and evidence in your defense in case of an accident.

Crash Sensor

A crash sensor is perhaps one of the best gadgets to have when you’re out riding in the middle of nowhere by yourself. Simply put, it’s a device that’s mounted on the helmet and will detect when the rider gets into a crash. The sensor will then automatically contact the assigned emergency numbers and call for help.

Wrapping Up

A mountain-bike adventure can be one of the most exhilarating and memorable experiences a cyclist can have. However, it can quickly turn for the worst if the rider is not skilled and prepared enough. When you’re riding, whether in the city or in mountain trails, always prioritize your safety over everything else. Living to ride for another day or going home without serious injuries is much more important than anything, especially bragging rights

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