Sleeping is essential for every people. Without proper sleeping people feel sleepy and uncomfortable in the working time. Sleeping is very necessary for mental and physical health. And it improves the quality of life. During sleeping your body needs the support of pillow, bedding, comforter.

For every season, whether it is winter, summer or spring, every people like crawling into bed and enjoying by taking warmth touch of a fluffy, warm comforter. But fluffiness of a comforter will not remain forever. Comforters start with fluffiness but starting to reduce its fluffiness over time. To maintain, the fluffiness of a comforter user should be careful about it. Because fluffiest comforter is expensive, it is not possible for every people to purchase comforter every year.

So every people should have tried to make a comforter lasting as long as possible. For this reason, to get back to your comforter as its original condition there are many techniques we have to follow. You can do it at home without paying to the dry cleaners.  Before that, we have to know that why a comforter losses its fluffiness.

There are mainly two reasons for a comforter losses its fluffiness .these are

  1. for uneven distribution of feathers
  2. for losing insulation of feathers

Daily maintenance:

  • To keep your comforter fluffy and clean, delightful and rich throughout the lifespan, the key is to maintain your comforter on a regular basis.
  • If a Down comforter is made of tiny and soft down feathers then a person using this getting unbeatable comfort, but without regular maintenance, the feathers get distributed unevenly. Evenly distribution of feather is necessary for fluffing comforter. So for every time you wake up from your bed, making your bed and holding your comforter at each end and shaking it to remove the dust as we were cleaning a rug, consequently down feathers are redistributed and settle its original state. The cover of your comforter is also essential. For getting maximum fluffiness from your comforter to wash your cover regularly. This re-orientation gives a little room to breathe the feathers.
  • Sometimes you can put your comforters outside for air circulation that is also a technique to dry and it increases fluffiness of feather. And by this way, feathers will damage less. So not every day, after a certain time go to your outdoor for hanging your comforter on the clothesline. For several hours leave your comforter for hanging. This will allow air penetration to the comforter. Doing so, you will get your comforter fluffy as you got at the time of purchasing it.
  • At the time of making the bed every morning looking for the lumpy area in you’re down comforter and pressing and massaging it. Consequently, down feathers are redistributed and settle its original state and it allows the air penetration to the comforter properly.
  • Another suggestion is that, at the time of using the comforter is Rotating and flipping your comforter up and down that will avoid flattening downing specific areas of comforter .because using a comforter from a particular sight causes flatten down.
  • For a cool and breezy day, we need drying the comforter because dry down comforter gives the right amount of insulation to you. For the cozy and comfortable night with the comforter, keep your comforter moisture free. So you can put in the dryer for 10-15 minutes in fluff cycle that is without heat.

Sarah Allen
Cheap Editor


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