Dead and wounded by gunfire inside a Walmart in Virginia

Dead and wounded by gunfire inside a Walmart supermarket in Virginia
Police officers in the US state of Virginia (Reuters)

A mass shooting in Chesapeake City, Virginia has left at least 10 people dead and others injured.

The city of Chesapeake announced late Tuesday evening that a shooting had taken place inside the Walmart store. The shooter was confirmed to have been killed.

The motives behind the attack and how the suspect died are still not entirely clear.

Local outlets are reporting a minimum of 10 casualties as a result of the accident, but the total number of dead and wounded is still undetermined.

After the store shooting, police urged shoppers to stay away from the area.

In the United States of America, mass shootings happen often and typically result in numerous casualties.

In light of these events, President Joe Biden appealed to Congress to change the country’s gun laws, but no tangible progress was made.

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