If you have wanted to improve your smile then veneers are an excellent way to do that. Expect a thin layer of porcelain that is very carefully placed over your teeth, essentially the front and the edges, to smooth out any irregularities you may be having like chipped, short or broken tooth. Cosmetic dental veneers look great. This process also improves the color and look of your teeth. So this is the magic that happens and it happens really quickly. In only two visits, you will have your smile and the look of your face transformed. The veneers are a long term treatment and they last a mighty long time if they are done by skilled hands.

The condition of your tooth will determine how much alteration has to take place. If you are blessed with a structure of teeth that is fairly straight, then that would require very little or no modification. The alteration that happens during the treatment is to correct any anomaly in the shape of your teeth that may have interfered with its looks. In most cases, the tooth structure has to undergo some reduction to achieve the best results with the procedure. Now such alterations would obviously be irreversible and often gets people worried about the desirability of such changes. However, as the process is primarily driven by aesthetics and its purpose is to improve the looks of your teeth, it is very rare for people to want to reverse to what their teeth were before they had undergone the treatment.

You can also have veneers customized to fit your facial structure, style and symmetry. Now, this gives you a fair amount of liberty in determining the results you would ideally desire. The range of designs and variations that are available are diverse and wide to say the least. The style can be ranging from something very aggressive to being extremely feminine. Individuals often find themselves at the liberty of choosing the designs as per their personality. This is where it is important to be aware of what the treatment involves, the steps associated and the ways to achieve the best results. It is extremely important that you ask the doctor in charge of giving you the veneers the right questions about his credibility. Along with the regular questions about the dos and don’ts, the pros and cons, the duration of treatment and longevity of the veneers, also inquire about his experiences with past patients. It would be only beneficial if you even ask to see pictures of patients he has worked on. The procedure is not inexpensive, costs a great deal of money and is relatively permanent considering the long time it lasts, so you better be careful about who are where you are getting them from. Skilled hands can give magical results that you will be proud to show off.

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