Use visual double entendre

Visual double entendre is a smart technique which is utilized of many logos. It means that 2 pictures are wrapped into one another through a smart interpretation of an idea. It’s actually a very good idea. People get attracted to mind games and will appreciate you more after you pull out this technique.

Colour is always important

We think it’s the most important part of designing a logo because colours have different meanings and show ideas. Believe it or not, colours will bring life to your logo and brand and give details about the shape of the landscape. But that doesn’t mean that a greyscale won’t work. Just keep in mind the main goal of the logo: what will it be used for? Then choose the colours properly.

Do not make a cliché

Some forms and shapes are used by many designers and at some point, it started to be annoying. It was a good idea at first, the original idea still is, but when so many people start to use it over and over again, it starts to lose its magic. You should think for yourself instead of copying someone else’s work and do creative logo designs.

Design it so that people would love to own it

‘Ownable’ might be the correct word and is used a lot in marketing. It has something to do with the fact that you don’t have to copy someone else’s work, but rather think for yourself in making a new logo. You need to ask yourself some questions before starting the work: is your design generic or unique? Are people going to make something similar or not? Keep in mind that your first idea is your most generic, and it’s likely that other people have thought about that in the first instance, too. It’s a good idea to scrabble some designs before choosing the right one.

Choose a custom type

You want your logo to be unique, right? Well, you can help yourself by choosing custom lettering.

Lots of logos are put there simply, with the first typeface chosen to be the first one from the font menu.  You might want to do more than that. Custom types will help you with that. If your logo is famous, people will try to rip it off. That’s what makes it great.


Kiss stands for ‘keep it short and simple’. Simple, however great logos have proven to be the best logos on the market. They’re still remembered. You’ve designed something, but you think it’s not enough. That’s okay, think some more and do some more sketches. As long as you’re keeping it simple, you and your logo should be fine.