South Carolina: dispute over parking a car ends with the death of a woman in front of her children

A verbal altercation over a trivial dispute over a parking lot ended with the death of a woman in front of her children, who was shot dead, in the US state of South Carolina. The incident coincided with Valentine’s Day, i.e. the fourteenth of February.

And in the details published by the American “Fox News” network, and viewed by, the mother was shot dead in front of her children after a verbal argument with another person in the parking lot of a supermarket on Tuesday, the fourteenth of this month.

The victim, 26-year-old Alexandria Chris Boris, was carrying groceries in her car after she had just finished shopping in a supermarket, when a dispute broke out between her and another woman, and then ended up being shot dead.

Tyler Burris, the husband of the deceased woman, said that shortly after the quarrel ended, Alexandria was shot in the back while her children were sitting in the car, and the death of the mother was announced at the scene at about four o’clock in the evening the same day.

The mother has two children, one two years old and the other an infant, and they were in the car with their mother when she was shot and died instantly.

Eventually, law enforcement identified the shooter as Christina Harrison, a 23-year-old woman. After causing chaos at the scene of the shooting, Harrison fled and then eventually contacted local authorities to turn herself in after roughly 90 minutes had passed.

Harrison was arrested at the Lexington County Detention Center on charges of first degree murder, unlawful possession of a handgun and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

Witnesses told police that Alexandria and Harrison were involved in a verbal altercation just prior to the shooting. Investigators confirmed that the two women did not know each other beforehand.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Irmo Police Chief Bobby Dale expressed his distress over the tragic incident that took place. “This was a situation where tempers flared and emotions ran high,” he said. He continued, “One thoughtless decision has changed two families forever, as well as everyone who witnessed it.” There are no words to describe what happened today; all we can do is hope for healing in its wake.

Boris, the victim’s husband, launched a fundraising campaign to build a memorial to his late wife, who was a beautician and was enrolled in nursing school at the same time.

“A beautiful woman, an amazing mother, a loving wife, a trusted friend and so much more. Alexandra is really gone way too early,” he said.


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