Isn’t summer the best of all seasons? Also, the best time of the year to take a break from reality. Instead, how about you take a day out and have fun with your loved ones under a single roof, creating some really creative and simple DIY designer project for summer decor. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, this summer skip the professional decorator and whip up your own homemade decor. With a just a few supplies and unlimited fun, spruce up your rooms with some amazing things made by every single person in your house. We have just the ideas you’ll love to have them turn into reality in the comfort of your house.

Watercolor Dyed Pillow Covers

Watercolor Dyed Pillow Covers Home Decor Hacks
There is no better season than summer to break out fresh colors in your home. To that adding the soft, beautiful look of watercolors is a great way to brighten things ups. You won’t need special paints to paint the fabrics. Once you get the hang of this DIY designer project and discover how ordinary watercolor paints can produce amazing professional results, you might want to color everything in your house with it. So, get those extra white pillowcases out of the storage or a simple white fabric to turn into stunning pillowcases for the porch swing. Wet the paint and get to work, once it’s done heat set the paint to the fabric.

Beaded Sunburst Mirror

Beaded Sunburst Mirror Home Decor Hacks
Mirrors on the right wall in the right room has the capability to make it look more elegant and sometimes seem even larger. If you’re living in a small space the best way to make it look larger is by leaning an oversized full-length mirror against a key wall or by hanging multiple one-salon styles to create a statement wall. Nevertheless, this summer gives your house a super summer elegant look by creating a unique DIY sunburst mirror using a ceiling medallion and beads. Not only will you be amazed to discover how easy it is to create, but how sophisticated it looks. Just arrange all the items first and then glue them all together.

Painted Bottle Vases

Painted Bottle Vases Home Decor Hacks
Are you looking for a simple yet an amazing way to quickly brighten up your summer dining table? How about you create something new from the things that are eventually going to end up in the garbage? Won’t that be tremendously rewarding? So, make your own DIY painted glass bottle vases with just 2 supplies, glass bottles, and paint. Prepare the bottles by soaking them in very hot and soapy water to get rid of the labels and glue stuck on them. Dry them out completely and then pour a few tbsp of paint into the bottle. Roll it around to evenly distribute the paint, drain the excess paint, and allow it to dry for a few days and voila!

Paper Pinwheel

Paper Pinwheel Home Decor Hacks
Paper pinwheels are one of the most beautiful and creative things you can get yourself along with your family involved in creating them this summer. Not only will this DIY activity leave you reminiscing your fond childhood memories, but at the end, you’ll be left with different types and shapes of paper pinwheels to add a stunning backdrop to a left alone wall of the house. For this fun DIY activity all you’ll require is a hole punch, glue and lots of different colored paper. Either try out classic one without a handle or the one with the popsicle sticks. The kids will especially love them.

Cool Terrariums

Cool Terrariums Home Decor Hacks
The Singapore terrarium figurine is one of the best known around the world. You probably might have heard of them or seen them, but if you do not have one, these summers add this piece of beauty to your home decor. For the ones not aware of what exactly it is, it can be defined as a controlled self-contained eco-system housed inside a sealed container. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? Usually, terrariums come in all shapes and sizes, but for making your own, feel free to use a mason jar to a bulb. Though, beforehand be prepared to add gravel, charcoal, soil, moss, and plant in the same order to your terrarium.

Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights Home Decor Hacks
Pendant light fixtures over the years have become a very popular choice for a wide range of rooms. By being just aware of a few basic guidelines it can prove to be very helpful, not only when selecting a fixture for a specific location, but also how high should it be hung. In case you’ve got a space with a table that feels empty and requires ambient light, take on this task to create a large drum pendant fixture from the scratch. One of the simplest ways to get started with it is with the help of an easily available lamp kit set. To it add your favorite fabric, design, and color to go well with space giving it a sexy designer look.

Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor Curtains Home Decor Hacks
Do you have a great screened in porch? But, is the morning sunlight too brutal there? A simple solution to this problem is floating curtain panels to block out the sun, so you can enjoy the space more. Though they are not as popular as they used to be, but they can add a real designer touch to the porch and your other rooms. They, in fact, can stay just a little above the ground to avoid them from getting dirty. This DIY project is rather a very simple one that can be completed in just a day. While doing so, make sure not to hang them at the wrong height and the length needs to be just right, nor too long nor too short.

Wooden Pallet Sign

Wooden Pallet Sign Home Decor Hacks
Truth be told, not all pallet signs were created equal. But, they certainly make a beautiful gift for the ones you love and that’s for sure will be loved for the years to come. However, apart from gifting it to somebody, this handcrafted goodness can add a vintage yet rustic look to your home. Before you get started with DIYing it, be sure about what you want to write down on it and the size of the pallet you would want to have. Half the work is done after cutting the board into pieces and getting it together in the required shape. The other half of the process consists of putting down the words on it to turn it into a beautiful memory. One of the best tricks to do it is by using vinyl letters. They look gorgeous and are super easy to stick them on the board.

Let the creative person in you take over this summer! If you’ve got better ideas, we are all ears and eyes. Let’s together make this summer and your house way more beautiful.

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