Do Your Teeth Hurt When You Run or Exercise?


Having healthy teeth and gums is essential to live a disease-free life. In fact, any dental issues should be treated at the earliest as it can have an adverse impact on our overall health. That’s why, we should never ignore oral care as it helps keep a lot of diseases at bay.

So, it would be a mistake if we ignored the tooth pain experienced when we run or jog. As a result, a visit to the dentist becomes imminent in cases where the teeth hurt when we exercise. This kind of pain may not be restricted to teeth alone as it can reach to gums as well.

Such kind of pain can be caused due to many reasons, and sensitivity is one of them. If you experience this kind of pain, you should then seek immediate medical consultation by visiting a dentist.

Reasons why our teeth hurt when we run or exercise

Reasons could be wide-ranging for causing our teeth to hurt when we run or exercise. However, doctors cite five major reasons for the same:

  • Infection in the teeth
  • Infection in the gums
  • Trauma to the teeth
  • Trauma to the jaws
  • Temperature

Exercise and tooth pain – a deep analysis    

As stated earlier, a variety of reasons could cause pain in the teeth when we exercise. So, first of all, we should understand them in detail and then plan a meeting with the dentist.

Here is in-depth information regarding the pain felt in the tooth when we exercise-

  • Infection can be of many types and cavities are one of them
  • Infection is caused by bacteria to the place where nerve gets inflamed as they (bacteria) eat into the solid of the teeth
  • Bacteria’s impact can reach down to the root of the tooth (where nerves exist) causing people to either feel pain or sensitivity in the teeth
  • The same set of bacteria that cause tooth decay can also impact the gums causing gingivitis or gum infection
  • Inflammation can also be caused by bacteria thus leading to pain and sensitivity in the teeth and gums
  • Running or exercising also leads to an increase in blood flow in the body which can add up to the inflammation and become a reason of pain and sensitivity
  • Infection alone is not the reason for pain and hurt in the teeth; gritting can also cause the same in some cases
  • Most of us have the habit of gritting the teeth when exercising or running which can cause pain to the teeth and gums
  • Pain from gritting can also be experienced in jaw joints and jaw bone alike
  • If someone has an infection and also has the habit of gritting the teeth, this can lead to lots of pain in the teeth
  • Not keeping the teeth together may also lead to pain in some cases as running involves a continuous hitting of the feet to the ground
  • Weather and temperature also have a huge role to play in bringing you teeth pain when you run or jog
  • Pain and sensitivity to the teeth and gums also depend on cold and hot temperatures, and its impact can multiply for those with already an infection

What next?  

You should see a dentist to treat the pain and sensitivity in the tooth or gums felt when you run or exercise. Whether it is infection, cavities, inflamed roots or abscess, only the dentist can help in all. More so, the dentist can also spot the trauma to the teeth to help bring relief to you. So, don’t ignore taking expert guidance so that you could continue running or exercising without any pain in the teeth or gums.

In overall, pain in the tooth is something you should not ignore ever. After all, it can grow bigger in future to impact the overall health and leave you a lot of diseases to live with.

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