Varicose veins are usually left untreated and ignored. A lot of people consider the symptoms only of cosmetic concern and will not grow into something serious. A few only visit vein centers in order to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, this is also the reason why this preventable condition can grow into something more serious over time.

What Is A Varicose Vein And When Is It Serious?

Varicose veins are veins which are enlarged and twisted and appears swollen under the skin. When a person is walking or standing, the pressure in the lower body increases, which causes the enlargement of the veins. People who walk or stand a lot are commonly associated with this condition. In appearance, a varicose vein is either dark purple or blue and are often found in the legs.

Besides its appearance, a varicose vein usually does not have other symptoms and usually does not cause pain or other symptoms. But it is still likely that serious symptoms will occur if the condition is left untreated. You might want to see a vein center and get help from vein doctor once you started feeling pain in your legs. Other symptoms include rashes and sores, bleeding of the varicose vein, swollen and warm to touch, and there is discoloration in the skin and itching around the affected vein.

Available Treatments For Varicose Veins

There are self-care methods that a patient can do in order to ease the pain of the affected veins. Methods include exercising and losing weight, avoiding tight clothes, and to avoid long periods of time standing or sitting. These steps can also reduce the symptoms, as well as prevent the varicose veins from getting worse. It is also recommended to wear compression stockings as they promote more efficient blood circulation. If these self-care methods are not having the desired effect, this is the right time to seek the help of a vein doctor.

Dr. Jordan Garrison And Patient Care 

Some of the treatments available are Sclerotherapy, Laser treatment, Catheter-assisted procedures, and Ambulatory phlebectomy. Only qualified doctors are authorized to do these procedures because of the involvement of the veins. Dr. Jordan Garrison is one of the qualified doctors.

Dr. Jordan Garrison is a Bariatric and Vascular Surgeon with 25 years of experience in the field. After completing his studies from The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, as well as in Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in 1982, he started his General Surgery Residency Training at the New Jersey Medical School in Newark.

In 2007, he finished his fellowship and became a Bariatric Surgeon. Dr. Garrison received his undergraduate studies from Lehigh University with a degree in Chemistry. As of this day, he has been active in his alma mater by giving lectures.

When it comes to his job, Dr. Garrison will always approach his patients exactly what he would want for himself. And that includes empowering the patient, as well as disclosing all details regarding the treatment process. He makes sure that he will be remembered from his empathy and compassion because these can become cornerstones of his treatment.

Dr. Garrison and MVC – New Jersey

Dr. Jordan Garrison currently works at Metro Vein Center at Hackensack, New Jersey location. Other clinic locations include Michigan, Texas, and New York, which offers diagnostic and treatment options for vein diseases such as varicose veins. They understand that if there’s something wrong with the vein, there is also a possibility of an underlying medical condition. When the first symptoms appear, seek help from professionals to get proper diagnostics and proper treatment for your vein problems.


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