It is usually very hectic to import car, and one can easily change his mind to import because of these hindrances. Here is a simple guide to import cars easily from Denmark. By following these 7 simple steps, you can easily import Danish cars through Engros Biler Denmark. These steps include:

1) Selecting your car:

The first and the foremost step in importing any car is to select your desired car that you wish to import. There is a vast variety of car for the customers from which customers can easily select their desired cars. After you have selected the car, you can easily contact our sales team through a phone call or email address or simply by just pressing the “contact us” button on the advertisement.

2) Contacting and confirming your order:

The second step is confirming your order. In order to reserve your order, you can easily confirm your order with the designated salesperson. The sales team can communicate in several languages whether it’s Dutch, English, Rumanian, Slovakian, Polish, Danish or Russian. There is a particular reservation policy which needs to be followed. The reservation policy is described as follow:

Reservation policy:

  • The car can be only reserved for 2 days. For that reservation, you don’t have to pay any deposit.
  • However, if you desire to reserve your car for more than 2 days, then you need to pay a € For the valid reservation, you need to email the receipt for the payment/transfer with the time not proceeding 24 hours.

3) Invoicing:

The invoice will be mailed to you which comprises of the necessary details such as the model, brand, price, terms, and condition along with the payment information. All these details will be there mentioned on the invoice.

4) Payment:

The invoice should comprise the details regarding bank account. The payment is totally up to you. You can either pay through bank transfer or can pay in cash (DKK 50,000/ car) at our office. All the prices are subjected to change without any prior notice.

5) Transporting:

You will get payment confirmation as soon as the payment is received. You will also get the estimated time for your car to be transported. You can either arrange transport, or we can help you with it, you just need to inform our sales team when you are expecting the driver.  However, the process may be slowed down as per the tax regulation policy according to which any car can be selected and inspected before exporting it from Denmark. The process is not in our hands however our sales team would keep you updated about your car.  You need to follow a collection policy which is described as under:

Collection policy:

  • For the purchase of 1-3 cars, these cars should be claimed and collected within the first 5 days.
  • For the purchase of cars exceeding more than 3, these cars should be claimed and collected within the first 10 days.

6) Documents:

All the documents (invoice, registration papers, etc) would be delivered to either you or your driver as soon as the car is claimed and collected at the shop.

7) Final confirmation:

When the car transport is on its way, the sales team will contact you in order to inform you the selected car is on its way to you.


There is a special requirement if you want to import the car to the county which isn’t a member of EU: European Union. The details are mentioned as under:

If you want to import a car to non-European Country:

You should have the border document stamped when the home country border is crossed.

The registration certificate and CoC for the car along with the invoice must be translated to the spoken language of that importers’ country. If you’re getting the car for the UK, you will need Danish to English translation.

If you want to import a car to an associated country:

Your registration certificate along with the invoice must be translated to the spoken language of that importers’ country.

General Information:

The import/export procedure in purchasing the car within Denmark is more or less the same as it is in Germany and it is relatively simple and easy. Regardless of simplicity, it is extremely crucial and essential to get the documentation done skillfully.

The Denmark registration certificate comprises of two parts.

The cars are examined before exporting the home country; Denmark.

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