As employers reinforce a positive work environment, the need to have employees tested for drug abuse has become common. This quest to ensure all employees are not drug addicts has escalated to some employees sourcing synthetic urine to pass drug tests. Synthetic urine is just like natural urine because it is made from creatinine, yellow coloring, and sometimes uric acid. This leads to the liquid mimicking some characteristics of urine.

Why is Fake Urine Available in the Market?

Besides fake urine being used by people to produce fake negative results from drug tests, it has some other uses. Fake urine was firstly used to test diapers, the impact of drugs on urine, the impact of urine on mattresses, and the impact of urine on medical devices. The idea of using fake urine to fool drug tests was just but an idea from people. Sensitivity of drug tests have become so intense. Even if someone used the drug several months ago, the results always turn positive. For that reason, people never want to take chances and in return, they turn to fake urine.

Does Amazon Accept the Listing of Synthetic Urine?

It is against amazon’s policies to list synthetic urine as a product for sale. Synthetic urine is not recommended in the society because it has precipitated lots of false-negative drug tests. This is like promoting drug abuse in society and this is not what Amazon would like to be part of. As a result, Amazon prohibits the selling of synthetic urine on its site, according to this study. Synthetic urine is not allowed unless it is someone who uses it for professional purposes like diaper testing, mattress testing, and hospital equipment testing. The bottom line, amazon doesn’t accept the listing of synthetic urine so people must not even try to list it.

Other Urine Related Products Can Be Sold

Synthetic Urine is not urine products. Some hospital urine products can be listed on amazon especially if they are for patient use. For example, urine bags are sold. These are items needed to be connected to a urinary catheter and harvest urine from a patient. There are also urinary catheters that you can use to assist patients who cannot pass urine by themselves. If you have these products, you can list them on amazon and they will be accepted. Synthetic urine cannot be accepted at all costs.

Amazon Policies

Amazon does not accept the selling of controversial products on its sites. Any products that are not fully legalized cannot be accepted on Amazon. Amazon is a site that leads by example in ensuring only legit products are sold on its. Fake urine is a precipitator of false-negative drug tests which is like promoting drug abuse in the society. As a result, one should have legal products that are authorized for sale and distribution. For example, cannabis, amazon only accepts cannabis containing products and not the cannabis itself. Cannabis is not allowed in some states of the USA which is why it doesn’t ship to some states in the USA.


Synthetic urine is not accepted on Amazon. Some sellers complain that their listings were put down by amazon and notified that their products were not in correspondence with amazon policies. It is therefore good to purchase drug testing kits from amazon. These kits will show you the results before you go for the official drug tests. If you turn positive, you can continue with your detoxification interventions until you get a negative result. Fake urine is not the best way to go because some companies even check you when giving out urine for testing.

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