Various studies have been devoted to discovering the ratio behind women’s fascination with wearing heeled shoes.

A study conducted by David M G Lewis’ team of researchers from Murdoch University revealed that wearing heels positively defines a woman’s lumbar curvature. The results of the study showed that wearing heels makes women seem more attractive. This finding was also corroborated by the research results of Christopher Watkins’ 2019 study.

These results can also explain why women like to wear womens heeled boots. But despite these psychological and scientific explanations, you can say that women liked the stylishness, comfort, and practicality provided by these boots. They are perfect for different outfits and occasions. You can use them whether you choose to dress up or dress down.

Practical length and flattering style

Heeled ankle boots are seriously versatile, and this is one of the best things about them. The reasonable length and flattering style made them a perfect fit for any look you want to achieve. It does not matter if you are going to pair them with a jumpsuit, dress, skirt, pants, or jeans, these boots can give you that specific kind of flair that only confident women exude. You can experiment with this fashionable footwear and still look runway-ready. If you are planning an evening hang-out, you can rock your casual ensembles with these boots.

Here are some ways you can maximize the versatility of your heeled boots.

Heeled Boots and Jeans

If you are looking for a match made in heaven, you can find it in this perfect pair. Casual and classic can mesh well with edgy and stylish. This combination is a fusion of all these four distinct styles. If you are attending a relaxed occasion, you will look good in some denim and women’s heeled boots. Jeans have a slimmer silhouette, especially tight-fitting and skinny ones. Grab your slim jeans and pair them with a button-up shirt, blazer, and ankle boots. You now have one chic outfit.

When pairing boots with jeans, all you have to mind is the length of your denim. If you are planning to wear cuffed or cropped jeans, pair this with your boots to show off a balanced appearance.

Heeled Boots, Culottes, and Cropped Trousers

Culottes and cropped pants are still a huge hit now. And if you pair them with ankle boots, you will effortlessly look fabulous. Compared to sneakers, you will look taller and less awkward if you pair heeled boots with culottes. Your heeled boots will also compliment your height and appearance. Though high heel pumps can give you the same leg-lengthening effect, boots are more practical and comfortable. Plus, they are also more ideal for wearing during winter and day time. If you want to be a head-turner, partner your navy culottes with your black-heeled boots, a plain white t-shirt, and a leather jacket.

Heeled boots, skirts, and dresses

After exhausting all looks with your jeans and boots, it may be hard to think about how else you can wear your dependable footwear. If you are in for some experimentation, you can wear your boots with dresses and skirts. Whether you will be going out on a casual evening or if you are aiming for a sophisticated look, try rocking your heeled footwear with a skirt or dress. If you want to nail the stylish, chic look fully, go for a midi length. A flash of skin between the hemline of your dress and your boots will balance the outfit. This will make you look like somebody who takes her sense of style seriously.

Proper shoes can take you places, as they say. This may be true, but what is even more accurate is the fact that a great sense of fashion can effortlessly make you a head-turner and trendsetter.

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