You would agree that Dubai is one of the finest holiday destinations in the world and the absolute preferred for Indian seeking an international holiday from India. The reason for this is the overgenerous experience that the city of Dubai caters with its huge architecture, stylish roads, enormous sized amusement parks, theme parks and various other things to do, like that of In-house snow skiing, sky diving and many other things. You name the thing and they have it ready for you.

If you want to visit this paradise then all you need is a visa.  Once you have a Dubai tourist visa ,you can enjoy a great time in this city. After all, why should you keep your expeditions to India only when you can go abroad and have fun?  You should understand that to get a visa to visit Dubai is not tough anymore if you have all the relevant information to get the kind of visa you require. 

Do you know?

The UAE Government caters a number of different types of visas to individuals seeking to enter the country. While a Visit Visa allows them to perform multiple tasks in Dubai, a tourist visa thins down the scope, with individuals on this visa allowed to do just a couple of things. A tourist visa might be believed to be a subcategory of the Visit Visa, having authorities granting it for a restricted period of time. Listed below are the diverse types of Tourist Visas you can choose from:

14-day Tourist Visa for Dubai

As the name says, this is a visa that permits an individual to stay in the UAE for duration of fourteen days. It is perfect for people who wish to explore what the city has to cater but has a limited time period to do the same. The visa is valid for a time of two months, having no travel permitted beyond this time. People can stay in Dubai for fourteen days from the date they land in the nation.

30-day Dubai tourist visa 

It is the type of visa that is designed for someone who wants to spend more time in Dubai. It permits a person to stay in the nation for a time of thirty days, with it possible for the visa holder to go to other cities in UAE as well. Individuals require completing the travel within sixty days of issuing of the visa, post which the visa lapses. The time of this visa might be extended by a maximum of ten days, subject to specific terms and conditions.

While there are other types of visas available, individuals who are travelling to Dubai for the main purpose of tourism can pick between these two options. Individuals who are needed to travel to the city on different occasions in a specific period of time can go for a Multiple Entry Visa.


Thus, whatever be the reason you can easily get Dubai Visa once you apply for it. Your documents have to be proper and you are good to go. Of course, you can avail help of professional agents for quick results.


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