Dubai is one of the most dazzling, advanced and luxurious cities in the world. With a futuristic appeal, unashamedly glitzy, loud and so many things to do, it’s a place that has so many things to please you. Whether it’s shopping, skyscrapers or off-beat adventures, the country has it all!

Well, there are over 101 reasons to be in the city, but if you don’t have plans to be there, these reasons are enough to bring you in the city:

Dubai Is a Mix of Ethnicity and Cultures

Dubai Is a Mix of Ethnicity and CulturesDubai host people from different parts of the world!  It’s home to over 200 different nationalities, each with unique culture and ethnicity. While some are tourists, a huge number of people work as expatriates. The diversity of the country is unmatched making it the most cosmopolitan city in the world.

Shopping Bliss!

Dubai with many renounced brands and labels is a shopper’s paradise. Home to one of the biggest and most significant Dubai Mall it will fascinate every shopper around the world. With a collection of 1200 different brands, and indoor zoo and a hotel, the mall will surely entice you. With high-end retail shops, shop till your wallet screams! There are some pocket-friendly shops or some rental shops from where you can rent anything in UAE if you want to shop on-budget.

The Desert Safari

Dubai The Desert Safari

Dubai without desert safari is missed. Get an SUV and drive off-road on the gold dunes. Enjoy the sunset, camel riding and much more from the dunes. You can even camp there and have an experience of being under the stars. You will enjoy camel riding, dune bashing and much more in the deserts.


Dubai is luxurious! Imagine cops chasing you in their Lamborghini. Ok, maybe you don’t want to imagine that, but Lamborghini! Have you ever witnessed such luxury?

That is what Dubai has! Though the country was once a mere sand island, they hired the best designers and engineers and created their wonderlands. You will witness all high-end branded labels on the road, luxurious hotels and super amazing mansions everywhere.

The Foodie’s Heaven

With a tempting, palatable and high-class cuisine, the chef’s gamut of food will please you in all ways. From street food to dining in restaurants, you will only find mouth-watering dishes. Since it hosts people from almost every country, you would find cuisine from every country. But make sure not to skip special Arabic cuisine. Whether you are a foodie or not, there are special dishes of the city that would savor your taste buds and would do justice to your pocket.

The Gold Souk

The Gold Souk

If you don’t want to be in the lavishing, modern malls, head to the Gold Souk. It’s an Arabian jewelry market in the old Dubai featuring the eye-widening jewelry. No matter when you’ll be visiting there, you’ll see tons of gold.

The Palm Island

Dubai Hosts the world’s largest artificial island called Palm Jumeirah. It’s a mega-mansion in the shape of a palm tree with a trunk and 17 unique folds. Witness the beautiful attractions like Atlantis hotel, Adventure Waterpark, The Lost Chamber Aquarium and many more. You can even enjoy the Palm view from the elevated train to please your eyes.

The Dubai Fountain

Sight, sound, and beauty all at once! Set a sail ride on the Burj Lake and witness the world’s largest choreographed fountain system of Dubai. Featuring over 6000 lights, 25 color projectors, and 1000 different water expressions, it shoots water up to 500 ft in the air. It contains approximately 22, 000 gallons of water which are mesmerizing to watch. Witness it in the night for the most thrilling experience of water, music, and light! Capture the moments or get a photography equipment rental in Dubai to get the best picture of the special moment.

The Burj Khalifa

This skyscraper is the world’s tallest free-standing structure. With cutting-edge technology and cultural influences, it’s gigantic, amazing and mesmerizing place to witness. You will also enjoy the surrounding neighborhood of the building.

Show Cruise Dining

Dubai Show Cruise Dining

Witness the waterlines of Dubai by being in the most affordable and peaceful cruise. It’s beautiful and mesmerizing, plus you would enjoy delicious food in the water.  Don’t forget to try aromatic Arabic coffee. You would also be on the upper deck of the cruise to enjoy dining under the stars. The place is spectacular offering myriad of photo opportunities. Just spend the night in it, and you would not wish to go back.

Well, the list doesn’t end here, the reasons for being in this luxurious and fantastic place are umpteen. So, plan your next trip and do visit here!