You shouldn’t ignore shoulder pain since it can be a sign for ruptured ovarian cyst, abdominal problems, and other conditions such as thoracic outlet syndrome, herpes zoster, and Paget’s disease.

If you feel sudden shoulder pain, consider using the remedies listed below. Make sure to see a doctor in case your pain doesn’t go after a week.

Cold compress

Applying a cold compress to the skin is one of the easiest remedies that you can make at home. Cooling helps to reduce swelling in less than a few hours. All you have to do is to find something cold, wrap it in a towel, and apply it to your skin.

Doctors don’t recommend applying a cold compress to the skin directly.

Hot compress

To relax your muscles, consider using a heated gel pack. If you don’t have it at home, feel free to use a bottle with hot water. Heat therapy cannot only relieve sharp shoulder pain, but it can also help you to get relief from arthritis pain naturally.


According to, medications such as aspirin and acetaminophen can also help you to get rid of sudden pain and improve your sleep. However, some people might experience side effects like heartburn. So, before taking any medications, talk to your doctor.

Shoulder exercises

People with chronic shoulder pain should focus on exercising more. Only regular stretches and workout can make the shoulder stronger and more flexible.

It’s recommended to warm up before stretching. To do so, you should do light shoulder rolls or take a warm shower. Also, you can try moving your arms in a circle up to ten times.

When you work out, make sure to keep your neck relaxed. To learn more on this subject, check out the infographic.

Manage Shoulder Pain