Recently, many web marketers have started integrating their Instagram pictures in a nicely formatted manner within their websites. Usually, Instagram photo streams are promoted in the footers, sidebars and other areas other than the main content space. You can use JavaScript widgets or basic plug-ins for imparting Instagram images to your blog or site.

You can match the photo stream on your web page with the overall design of your site by availing the customization tools. For a better idea, have a look below at various Instagram widgets that can be easily added to your website:

Get Various Layout Effects with Snap Widget

One of the widely used Instagram widgets by users across the globe, Snap Widget can be incorporated into your website easily. The tool is incredible in terms of flexibility and comes with an eclectic range of customization options. You can either directly transmit pictures from your Instagram account or can avail different hashtags to get relevant images on your site. The widget comes in different formats including grid, slideshow, and many more. Because of its responsiveness, this widget is ideal for all types of layout. You can input various effects to make the widget interactive.

Specify Image Size through Instagram

The best thing about this widget is that not only it allows you to access it smoothly, but it also carries many interesting features which can help you in increasing your followers for Instagram, as well as, your website. Similar to other widgets, you can fetch photo streams through hashtags or from your account by using Intagme. The additional benefit that comes with this particular widget is that you can describe the size of each photo within the grid. You can utilize this Instagram widget for designing widescreen layouts.

Share Your Instagram Feed Using Instansive

Instansive is a great Instagram widget in terms of responsiveness. It comes with an eye-catching formatted grid photo display that makes it perfect for embedding in the sidebar.  With Instansive, you can cite the total number of rows and columns to be added in the photo grid. The unique advantage of using this Instagram widget is that it comes with social media sharing buttons which you can avail to share your Instagram feed on different platforms.

Adjust Your Website Design with InstaEmbedder

When it comes to tailor-made designs, InstaEmbedder offers a great number of options in terms of flexibility. You can also merge both your image streams and hashtags simultaneously to achieve a better grid of images. Utilizing InstaEmbedder helps you in refining the photo grid spacing, borders, and the image size. You can even customize the fonts and colors making it adaptable to the theme of your website.


Instagram widgets enhance the overall website design by employing various customization options. Website designers and developers are working on new ways for increasing the efficiency of widgets on their website. Applying the aforementioned Instagram widgets can provide a striking touch to your website theme. Last but not the least, you can avail these visual enhancers to decorate your website and invite more visitors to your site.

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