Elon Musk responds to Biden’s call for more taxes on the super-wealthy

Elon Musk, the head of Tesla electric car maker and one of the world’s wealthiest people made a sarcastic remark in response to US President Joe Biden’s proposal to increase taxes for the super-rich.

He said in a brief tweet on his Twitter account today, Sunday: “Please give him the password so that he can tweet himself,” hinting that whoever manages the president’s account on the famous Twitter platform does not understand anything, and is aware of what he is writing!

Then he added, with a subsequent tweet, that the US President’s call for more taxes on the Super-wealthy Americans would only harm low- and middle-income groups.

He said, “Those who will be forced to bear the burden of excessive government spending are the low-to-middle-income people because they cannot escape the payroll tax!”

More taxes

Yesterday, Saturday, from Pennsylvania, as part of his 2024 election campaign, Biden praised his investments in infrastructure and advanced technologies, calling for higher taxes on large companies and billionaires “It is time for the super-rich to start paying their fair share,” he stressed.

He also confirmed that “the number of billionaires in the United States has increased to about a thousand people, but they have paid only about 8 percent of their profits in taxes.”

“They paid less taxes than schoolteachers and firefighters,” he told a crowd of workers and trade unionists inside the Convention Center in Philadelphia.

In addition, he confirmed that he did not mind the presence of billionaires, but he added, “Just pay your fair share” of taxes!

Since he purchased the “Blue Bird” late last year, Musk has been criticizing the Democrats to a large extent, accusing some media outlets of colluding with them to present one point of view, and excluding other ideas, whether they are “from the Republican Party” or the right.

He also criticized Biden’s policy in some files, as well as the coverage of “the scandals of his son Hunter Biden,” which were published by some “tabloid” newspapers in the country, but not others.

In addition, he made sure to open the doors of his platform to all critical voices of the Democratic Party or others and also restored the accounts of former US President Donald Trump and other controversial names.


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