Employees of the world’s biggest iPhone manufacturing plant in China clash with police

According to videos shared online.

Employees of the world biggest iPhone manufacturing plant in China
Protests by workers at the world's largest iPhone factory/Reuters

On Wednesday, November 23, 2022, the workers at the world’s largest iPhone factory in China went on a massive demonstration to avoid being quarantined due to Covid-19.

Posted videos on Twitter and Weibo, China’s version of the social media site, showed throngs of employees confronting Chinese riot policemen. Although the hashtag #FoxconnUnrest was blocked on Chinese social media, some comments about the demonstrations were still able to be seen.

Videos of mass demonstrations at the Zhengzhou, Henan Province iPhone factory in central China were posted on Twitter and its Chinese counterpart, Weibo. The Taiwanese company Foxconn owns this largest manufacturer of these phones in the world.

In particular, the scenes showed workers walking in a street during the day, facing riot police and people wearing white isolation uniforms.

In one of the livestreamed videos, dozens of people are protesting at night while chanting in front of policemen and a police vehicle. In other shots, you can see the gate that was apparently set on fire during the night.

Other clips in the video show a worker placing a metal barrier on the ground, while the person filming yells: “They are attacking!” and “Tear gas!”

On Wednesday afternoon, the hashtag #FoxconnUnrest was blocked on Chinese social media; however, some comments about the demonstrations were still posted.

The Taiwanese company Foxconn, which employs more than 200 thousand people at its main site in Zhengzhou and is the main contractor for the Apple Group, has recently been hit hard by Covid-19 infections. As a result, Foxconn decided to put all workers on lockdown inside the property. However, rather than comply with this order, hundreds of employees fled the scene in terror on foot.

The Taiwanese group Foxconn is the largest private sector employer in China, with more than one million employees in about 30 factories and research institutes across the country. Foxconn did not respond to questions from the French news agency at this time.