With the popularity of the social media and with the people’s craze to upload every moment of their life on Instagram and to follow the others who are updating their profiles on Instagram, we are finding more and more Instagram specific technologies evolving. The struggle to get more and more audience to follow your account has provoked the programmers to develop such technologies that ensure you get maximum fan following for your account.

So what exactly is the Instagram automation bot?

The Instagram bots are one of such automation techniques used to get more followers, more comments and more likes on your photos. As the name implies, the InstagramBor or the IG bot is an autonomous technology that generates likes, comments and following the hashtags without you having to do it yourself. the amount of competition being held in the world of Instagram is making people get as much as they can from these robots. When you have to manually do the task of liking, commenting and following various accounts, you should have a lot of spare time to give to these things. If not, the IG bot is there to help you.

Does it call for some risks from Instagram?

It sure does, as like all the other security concerns, the Instagram bot also is against the rules and it poses a serious threat to your account. Since the human approach to the following of various accounts is to first visit them, then explore them and then like and comment or them, the autonomous bot does that based on some program it is installed with and hence the pattern is easily recognizable by the Instagram. So you must understand that there is serious risk in getting involved with these bots.

So what needs to be done to avoid cracking of the bots?

If your Instagram account is dear to you, you will have to get serious about it. The use of the bots is never a trustworthy approach, but still if you are looking forward to know how you can get maximum likes without getting your profile or account shut down, then here are the tips.

  • Make use of some extremely safe Instagram Bots such as Social Envy, Follow Adder, Instato, Jarvee, InstaQ, InstaZood and other such links that add audience to your accounts and are safe from cracking down.
  • Play safe. So not get involved into the automated methods as they pose a risk to the survival of your account. Get the tips and means that manually and naturedly build up your audience. Do all the hard work yourself, like and comment just the way it should be and let the things flow, you will get on top in a little more time than the bot would have taken.
  • Get a virtual assistant for your business account at Instagram to ensure that you are getting and giving maximum likes, comments and followers. This will save your time and get the job done just the right way.