Games are the sweetest part of any baby shower, but some games are more saccharine than others. And we mean that quite literally! Enter the ‘How Sweet It Is’ baby shower game.

A creative take on traditional word matching games, How Sweet It Is takes wordplay to a whole other level. The point of the game is for guests to match the names of popular candy and desserts with words related to babies and pregnancy.

For example, the candy Twix (which comes in sets of two) would be matched with the word twins; Jelly Belly relates to baby fat; and Rocky Road would pair with labor! Then there’s Milky Way, which obviously goes with breastfeeding, and Whoppers, which pair well with contractions. And so on and so forth!

Hosts can download pre-made templates from Pinterest or create their own list of desserts to match baby phrases. Since answers are highly subjective, there’s plenty of room for the host to make the game more unique. (Just remember to keep things extra festive by printing the key off on stationary.)

Voila! It’s time to play! Your guests will be delighted to try to connect their favorite childhood treats to common baby and pregnancy phrases. Things may or may not get a bit complicated, depending on how guests interpret each phrase. But that’s all a part of the fun! The person who matches the most pairs correctly wins! Hosts can incentive guests even further by awarding the winner of the game with a mini gift bag of sweet treats.

A great thing about this game is that you can play it at a virtual shower as well. One way of doing this is to just share a PowerPoint of your list of treats so your guests can see them and then have a separate slide with the answers!

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Mix Things Up

If dessert isn’t the hosts’ forte, then there’s no reason to cry over spilled milk. Well, in this case, spilled dessert! They could modify this game to include any foods or even objects in their proximity. Just be sure that the guests mostly agree with what is being presented to them. So tell us, did you like our breakdown of the ‘How Sweet It Is’ baby shower game? Did it satisfy your sweet tooth? Not quite convinced yet? Let your friends and family be the judge by sharing this article on Facebook and the other major social networking websites.


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