Thumbtack is all about getting things done. It matches customer needs with customer-rated professional services. It lists pre-screen services, tools, and resources that can help with smaller tasks. Whether it is a professional paint job or planning a grand wedding, Thumbtack will find the people for the job. Region and country restrict this website and its services. We see so many requests every day on forums for sites like Thumbtack that can serve potential customers from other regions too. You can make a website and app like Thumbtack by using scripts that mimic the functionalities and features of the popular lifestyle website services.

Thumbtack clone software for functional websites –

The perfect Thumbtack Clone script provides key features that enable new entrepreneurs to launch their own prime service marketplace platform quickly.

There are a few functions that must be a part of these clone scripts to make sure they serve all the purposes of a Thumbtack clone. Almost all the websites designed from the clone scripts include a highly managed admin panel. It can provide real-time statistics and outlines for all popular services and features of the site. The admin can turn on notifications and CMS services exclusively reserved for the admin. There are home page slider management and user management that enables the admin to repurpose and revamp the website will little to no difficulty.

The admin can manage the categories of business. He can redeem the credit packages and requests. He can handle the forms. Most of the form settings are dynamic. This allows the Service Marketplace Script to be quite multi-faceted. The admin can manage most of the payment, language settings and service requests from the easy-to-

use API.

The provider-side functionalities include Facebook login and Google Plus login. It includes a user-friendly dashboard and a reviews panel for the customers as well. The user side functionalities also include portfolios, quotation options, credit packages, service matching notifications, wallets and payments histories. Customers can request service forms and check reviews as well from the website or app UI. Every customer with authorized login should be able to access all service categories and sub-categories. They should also have the option to accept or reject the quote of the PROs.

What services should the website offer?

The Service Marketplace Software should benefit both the customers and the Professional. It should be easy to use, customize and access. Professionals should be able to register for their fields of expertise and clients should be able to enjoy Professional services. The service marketplace software is the medium that connects the customers to their pros. This essential feature defines all the working Thumbtack clones in the market. Ideally, it should be a new service software or script that should perform exactly like Thumbtack. The most common services that customers can enjoy include –

– Animal keeping

– Tutors

– Health and wellness instructors

– Home cleaning

– Event planning and management

– Beauty

– Pizza delivery and wine delivery

– Wedding photography

– Party planning

– Housekeeping and cooking

A new Service Booking Software should offer to connect a rich repository of talents and available services to a pool of resourceful customers. You are probably a startup or a small business that is looking forward towards expanding its horizon by going online. A good Thumbtack clone service software is the best option for your business since it will save you money by offering something that already works. Also, it will also offer you a plethora of features that can attract more services and revenue. Most of these verified service software programmers are dynamic. They help in building multi-faceted websites. You can optimize it for your specific business requirements.

Niche service with niche scripts

The new models already come with a commission-based business model ideal. You can change the percentage of the commissions as per your requirement. You can keep it fixed or variable depending on the services offered. Since you will be helping out millions of customers with varied requirements, from vets to fashion designers, the commissions will vary according to the categories and subcategories. All the peer to peer service marketplace software programs now offers flexibility that allow admins to edit these kinds of services. The hours and pay scales according to Pro and customer preferences.

Covering the extra mile

You can go the extra mile with the new and improved clone software. The script includes snippets of PHP, HTML 5 and CSS 3. This makes your possible website responsive, flexible and amicable to customization. You can enjoy a MySQL database backup. You can back up all your pro, customer and primary site data on the updated version of the MySQL database. The site will feature JavaScript-rich snippets and Bootstrap. And did we mention? You can now enjoy the integration of Apache database software with your website for a smooth running of your site. A combination of the latest site database options with the HTML5 and CSS3 design will reduce web page loading time drastically.

There are many clones of Thumbtack now available widely. Many of them claim a broad range of services and features. You should always check their reviews and ratings before buying software or script. Working with these require at least a basic knowledge of PHP and MySQL. Once you know PHP, HTML 5 becomes a walk in the park. You can make do without knowing the fine details of CSS3 for the new Thumbtack clone scripts. They already come with designs ideal for peer-to-peer marketing websites.


Most of these website designs are also optimized for search engines. Google and Bing are the two search engines you need to worry about. While adding new extensions is not an easy option for these clones. You can always edit the scripts for a more user-friendly and search engine friendly experience. You must remember, both the professionals and their customers will use your website. Therefore, you need to optimize your site keeping both these groups in mind. Check out the help tools, tutorials and the user forums of the thumbtack clone script of your choice for getting an idea on how to install and use it for maximum ROI.