The power of positive thinking has long been discussed, especially about living a long and healthy life.

Today, it is a known fact that negative thinking can harm the body, both physically and mentally. If you are looking for ways to train your body to stay positive, you are in luck.

All you have to do is keep on reading and discover some exercises, which are meant to help you think positively. And, remember, the brain is like a muscle, and it responds very well to training.

#1 Keep yourself occupied

When it comes to improving memory, one of the best ways to ensure such an objective is to keep yourself occupied. An active mind is one that functions in a health manner, accumulating useful information as you go along.

The most important thing is that you find an occupation that nurtures the brain. So, be sure to try the following exercise. In the morning, write out your schedule for the day, filling it with beneficial activities.

At night, before you go to bed, check how your day went. Upon seeing so many things have been accomplished, you will be able to gain a positive perspective on life.

#2 Gratefulness as an exercise

Often, we take too many things for granted. But what would happen if things were to change? Positive thinking is very much connected to gratitude, while negative thinking is rather related to us considering that we deserve everything.

A good exercise is to jot down several things for which you are grateful every day. These can be little things, such as your daughter smiling at you or someone offering you a seat on the bus. What matters is that you acknowledge the positive things in your life.

#3 Find your peace

We often go through the day at a fast pace, without even stopping for a minute to consider how lucky we are to be alive.

No matter how busy you might be, you have to take a break and find your peace. Take at least five minutes each day and do something that speaks to your soul; this can be yoga, meditation or sitting alone for a little bit.

What matters is that you find your peace and use it to maintain a positive state of mind.

#4 A selfless gesture

When was the last time you did something, without having something to gain in the process? A selfless gesture is an exercise that can teach your brain to rewire its thought pattern and follow the path of positive thinking. Do not confuse this with grand gestures; it is enough to help someone cross the street, to do your groceries for your old neighbor or pick up a book the girl in front of you has dropped.

#5 Positive affirmations

Negative thinking is often associated with feelings of low self-esteem and the desire not to be judged by others. Well, you can make a change for the better by giving positive affirmations a try.

In the morning, as soon as you have woken up, take a good look in the mirror. Say at least three positive affirmations about yourself, such as “I am hard-working,” “I like to be around people” or “I am a good parent.” This will teach the brain to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

#6 Write a letter to yourself

While this might seem like a hard thing to do at first, you should try writing a letter to yourself.

Imagine that you want to help your brain in discovering the power of positive thinking. Write how wonderful it is to have positive thoughts and what a big change it can bring.

Do not be afraid to use practical examples and, soon, you will find yourself smiling at your ideas. Whenever you will feel done or inclined to think negative thoughts, return to the letter and find your inspiration.

#7 Future self

A wise person once said that we live only in the present. While this is true, it is also important to understand that who we are in the present determines the future self.

A simple exercise that can teach you about positive thinking requires that you sit down and think about your qualities.

These help you be the person you are now and also to follow a pattern of positive thoughts.

However, we often forget about our positive side and end up giving too much thought to our less pleasant features.

These are some of the exercises you can try out, to teach your brain all about positive thinking.

Keep in mind that this is an ongoing effort, as the brain might want to get back to negative thoughts and dwell on them.

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