An ever-changing melting pot of cultures, Singapore is so much more than the attractions available here. The cosmopolitan vibe of the land mingled with the explorers and foodies, action seekers and change-makers is what makes Singapore an exciting destination to visit. Constantly striving to achieve the dream of being a ‘City in a Garden’, Singapore is on the fast track to opening up and being known for its wild side too.

Obviously, Singapore trip is not complete without trying out a few heart numbing and mind shaking sports that take the thrill to extreme levels. In fact, people throng to the land with the only objective of making the adrenaline rush last as long as possible, before heading back to a mundane life.

Singapore offers a host of amazing activities to indulge in, from an indoor skydiving experience to being-hurled-into-the-sky-but-abruptly-brought-back experience to cherish. You may actually not want to end your trip so soon. Here is a list of a few of such experiences that will make you want to keep coming back whenever you feel like.

1. Own the Race Tracks

Not literally, but yes, figuratively. Step out in ‘Fast and Furious’ style with this opportunity to spin the wheel on the official Formula 1 Race track. The world of racing beckons you, for as much as you are willing to pay. Choose from either a stunning red Ferrari California or a vividly orange Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. Worry not if you do not have prior experience with racing; an informed instructor will accompany you to ensure that you have a casual drive at crazy high speeds.

2. Breeze through with that Zipline

Fill your cavities with fresh air and bellow out like Tarzan as you Zip through the air over treetops and the fast-moving landscape, at the bare minimum speed of 60 km/h. Do remember to breathe since it is a safe adventure, where you will be strapped into a harness. Keep those eyes open and take in the world from a refreshingly new angle. Enjoy racing your friends and family with the new addition of three Ziplines installed side-by-side.

3. Feel like you are on cloud nine!

Legally this is possible only if you join the Military in the skies of Singapore. Fret not, since you can still be on cloud nine with the ever amazing Indoor Sky diving experience. iFly Singapore hosts the world’s first largest wind tunnel spanning about 16 feet in width and 56 feet in height. The immense wind pressure allows you to be suspended and figure out fun formations in mid-air. The width of the tunnel permits up to 20 people at once to participate in the fun!

4. The Extreme Swing

Aptly named the Extreme swing, this teeth-rattling attraction is not meant for those afraid of heights. But for those who can grin and bear it, welcome aboard. The initial few moments are the calm before the storm. Enjoy the serene views and the lovely breeze as you are slowly lifted 50m high. Nothing much right? The next abrupt moment you are allowed to free dive towards the earth and the contraption careens left and right and all over the empty sky; feel free to share the screams with 4 more unfortunately lucky souls.

5. Try your hand at Cable-skiing

The classic water-skiing gets a twist in its thrill factor. Earlier, where a boat would pull you in its wake, in Cable-skiing, the handle and the ski rope are connected to an electric driven cable. This means the activity becomes more affordable and the fun only doubles! Cable-skiing is one of the popular activities included in most of the cheapest Singapore tour packages. Hold on tight to that handle as the challenge becomes tougher in having to face obstacles as you cut your way across the surface of the water. Anyone new to the activity can choose from the Beginner-friendly systems.

6. Going up with Reverse Bungee

If normal bungee jumping is not as fulfilling as you think, why not try your hand, or in this case, your whole body, at reverse bungee jumping? With over a million riders performing this daredevil feat annually, the extreme thrill is guaranteed. It is a safe affair throughout. The rider is strapped safely in a capsule and then catapulted with speeds of 200 km/h to a height of 60m against 5G of force. Watch yourself race towards the endless sky and then come back to earth with a mind-blown satisfaction.

7. Be a Zorb Ninja

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be able to walk on water? Wonder no more. Live the experience by Zorbing. These water-walking balls are a fun riot for kids and adults alike. All you have to do is enter a deflated ball which will be zipped up securely and filled with air that will allow you to roll away like a penguin in a ball. The uneasiness and awkwardness of walking on a watery surface will leave you flustered and flapping around. A sure treat to the eyes of your family and friends!

8. Experience a futuristic Jet pack adventure

The stuff of all future technology, jet packs, and flying cars are starting to become a very real phenomenon. In particular, the water-powered Jet pack offers a delightful ride above the waters, that you may not be able to swim in even today. The controlled water pressure allows you to navigate your way in the air as you zoom 30 feet high over the water surface. An informed instructor will keep guiding you at every step, so leave your worries behind and live the elevated moments!

9. It is just a Giant Swing

There is nothing intimidating about a Giant Swing, is there? Or so many wonders until they have had a taste of the wonderful swinging job that the Giant Swing so lovingly provides. Be prepared to swing along with two of your best buddies, as the contraption launches you all into the sweet horizon that you probably will not be able to see with your eyes closed, with speeds of 120 km/h, 40m high. The rush from this experience is guaranteed to stay with once you step onto the secure, unwavering land.

10. Trampoline Bungee

This crazy activity involves jumping freestyle on a trampoline while being attached to two bungee cords. It goes without saying that the more limber folk will have a breezy time executing those perfect somersaults. Nevertheless, the activity is meant for one and all to have loads of fun and defy gravity with their uber-cool mid-air moves. Let no one’s opinion spoil your fun and unleash your backflips that you could never manage to complete on the solid ground.

11. Climb down Tom Cruise style with the Vertical Skywalk

Climbing down the side of a building while being vertically upright has always been the birthright of heroes or superheroes. Live your chance to be one with this mouth-drying and heart-numbing opportunity. Rigged to a safety harness and under constant supervision, do your best to walk down vertically along with a 50m high building. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, this excursion is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression in your life.

12. Fly in the in with Flying Trapeze

Among the many adventure activities abounding in Singapore, an equally tummy-tickling experience is the Flying Trapeze attraction available on the Siloso Beach. Live every moment of anticipation and exciting anxiety that circus professionals feel, as you swing on a trapeze, high in the air. Keep those screams coming as you learn a few acrobatic techniques in a safe and protected environment.

13. Beat those waves with Indoor Surfing

Another famous adventure sport in Singapore, Indoor Surfing offers all the thrills of surfing on open water minus the chances of encountering any wild marine life. Start small with two waves on the Double Flow Rider. 30,000 gallons of water are pumped up every minute, creating an endless sheet of water that flows at 20m/h. Surfers can perform multiple tricks and enjoy the thrill of carving up the water surface. This makes for a perfect weekend hangout for friends who like to indulge in some delightful water sports.

14. Head to the Trampoline Park

With numerous trampoline parks dotting the scene in Singapore, Amped Trampoline Park is a well-known haunt for action lovers. Trampolining maybe a fun sport for kids and adults, but the inclusion of mind-boggling tricks and gravity-defying stunts makes this a risky sport. At Amped, you will find a room full of trampolines that you can explore at your own pace. Sort out a few of your jumps and somersaults with your friends. Just be careful of the regular collisions and make sure you do not hurt your neck, as it is a common malady of the sport.

15. The classic Bungee Jumping

Who said Bungee jumping is not as cool as its other upgraded variants? For the first time jumpers, bungee jumping serves as the first step off the cliff. It is always a rush of air and ground, no matter how many times you experience it. All you have to do is get yourself a little pumped up and let your friend push you off in a dramatic fashion. An experience you both are bound to never forget! offers several cheap Singapore packages where you can include as many as adventure activities you wish in your itinerary. In some cases, it may not be possible to include certain adventure activities. Therefore, it is best to consult tour planners before booking the package and find out whether your favorite activities could be included in the itinerary.

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