The majority of the treatment for eye diseases is intended to repair traumatic injuries, reduce inflammation, or enhance or save the eyesight. There are some eye problems like style that will heal itself in just a few days. However, anything that causes disturbances in vision or trauma to the eye requires immediate medical care.

Eye treatments are categorized into four major groups. First is medication which includes over the counter medicines and home remedies. Other eye treatments include wearing contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses, treatment of systemic conditions that affect the eye or eyesight, and surgery. There are many types of medications and eye treatments to solve various eye problems. Here are some of the eye treatments and medications that are regularly used.


Eye surgery is one of the most popular eye treatment mostly intended to reshape the cornea. Vision correction or refractive surgery is used to treat farsightedness or nearsightedness. The Corneal refractive surgery, for instance, modifies the cornea’s curvature to help focus the light on the retina. Two of the most common refractive surgeries are photorefractive surgery LASIK or Laser in Situ Keratomileusis. Both procedures are used to treat astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness.

Another surgery procedure to treat eye problems is lens implants otherwise known as IOLs or (Phakic Intraocular Lenses. This is done to treat patients if surgery is not allowed. In treating farsightedness, some inserts biocompatible plastic into the edge of the cornea. There are also Glaucoma surgery and cataract surgery. These procedures are intended to save the eyesight and restore it if possible.

Eye surgery could be also done to repair the eye after it has been subject to trauma. It is also done to remove an object that gets in the eye. If you are looking for laser eye surgery and treatment in Sydney there are a lot of professionals who give one of the best treatments.

Eye Treatment for Conditions That Cause Eye Problems

There are some cases where several conditions cause of affect the vision. This includes multiple sclerosis, diabetes, or certain types of arthritis. Patients suffering from this type of condition must be carefully observed, monitored, and controlled to avoid loss of vision. One of the main causes of blindness in the US is Diabetic Retinopathy.

Glasses And Contact Lenses

For more than 8 centuries, lenses have been used to help people improve their eyesight. In the latter part of the 20th century, contact lenses were introduced. Both are used as eye treatments to correct vision as well as to improve it. Contact lenses and glasses bend the light rays where the retina sharply focuses the image. As a result, the brain gets a clear picture of what you are looking at.


There are many medications used for eye treatments. Artificial tears are used to treat dry eyes while most OTC eye drops are used to relieve itchiness or short term strain in the eye. There are also prescription drops that are used to treat Glaucoma to reduce the pressure in the eye. Sometimes Corticosteroids are used to prevent permanent eye damage. It is also used to relieve the patient from pain and discomfort caused by allergic conjunctivitis.

Antibiotics are also prescribed to treat bacterial infections like bacterial conjunctivitis. Bacterial infections occurring around the eyes or inside the eyes like eyelid inflammation can be healed by corticosteroids or antibiotics. However, Viral Conjunctivitis like the acute red eye will not react to antibiotics and will just heal itself in a few days or in a week.

If you have a normal vision, it is recommended that you subject yourself to an eye test once every couple of years. Prevention is always better than cure and most often serious eye problems gravitate because of lack of prevention or failure of detection during the early stage of the problem.

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