You have given birth to a beautiful little angel. But now what?

You may be feeling weird that you no longer have to use pregnancy pillows to sleep or ask someone for help every time you need to stand. It appears like all the troubles are gone with the birth of the baby.

But is it?

You see a different person in the mirror now. She has a big, saggy belly, dark circles under the eyes from sleepless nights, and a confused soul who is not sure what to expect next.

Don’t worry. This article will prepare you for the next challenge of your life as a new mom, especially in the fashion arena.

1. Don’t Throw Away Your Preggy Clothes

It is better to be realistic and accept the fact that you won’t be losing your pregnancy fat anytime soon. So there is no need to rush into losing weight right after giving birth.

No matter how uncomfortable you may feel in the postpartum body, take it easy. Start working out slowly, and don’t change your diet drastically. After giving birth, yet another shock to the body may be too much.

Therefore, keep wearing the clothes you were wearing when you were pregnant. They are loose, yes, but that means more air circulation and more comfort.

2. Wear Darker Colors

In order to maintain your self-esteem from hitting the ground, wear darker colors that can hide your immediate flaws after giving birth.

Stretch marks can be an issue. Hence, it is better to wear clothes that hide your belly and your cleavage, at least for a few more months.

The darker hue will also make you look skinnier no matter what you’re really hiding under the attire.

3. Have Go-To Outfits

You will have a lot going on after the baby. It will undoubtedly be hard for you to waste any time on picking the right outfits, especially when you have to run to the supermarket or to the hospital.

So, have some postpartum go-to outfits at disposal, such as jumpsuits, robes, hoodies, and trousers. You will never regret this advice.

4. Become Friends with Shapewear

Some shapewear goes beyond just hiding your flabs under the dress, they also contour your body to a nice shape. For all new moms, shapewear is your best friend.

You may go through anxiety when you can’t wear anything you want to because of the postpartum body, especially during special occasions. Here, the shapewear will do the trick!

Thanks to shapewear, you can attend any event even after giving birth, and still look fabulous!

5. Show Some Skin

Just because you became a mom, you can’t go all ninja! Show some skin to signify that you are still a normal person.

Wear short sleeves and knee pants to show off your natural beauty. Backless dresses and blouses can also look good on you without revealing your stretch marks.

Additionally, put a smile on your face at all times. That is always your best feature.

6. Tops with Easy Access

Being a new mom, your baby will constantly demand your attention. And you have to feed them every two hours, sometimes twelve times a day!

Taking all the time in the world to unbutton yourself during such emergency is impossible. Also, the baby won’t stop crying until it’s suckling.

Wear tops that make your life way easier, like tank tops and nursing tops. It is better not to wear any dress though unless it has buttons.

7. Easy Hairdos

You are going to be quite busy as a mom. So busy that you won’t remember to take care of your hair.

Moreover, during quick errands at the supermarkets, you will struggle. However, there is a way to look put together even when you’re not feeling that way at all.

Get hair donuts, so that you can do a quick bun before running errands for your family. In addition, use some styling gel or wax to flatten out the stubborn hair. And you’re all set to conquer the world!

8. What Bras to Wear

A maternity bra is a must have for all new moms. You simply won’t be able to do without it.

You have to feed the baby ten times, also experience leakage, swelling, and even pain sometimes. With all these dramas going on under there, you have to rely on something comfortable.

On the other hand, you don’t have to wear the maternity bra to parties and events. Whoever looked bomb in maternity bras?

Faveable suggest some getting some push-up bras for your size and surprise everybody with your vibrancy and charisma, even when you just gave birth!

9. Take Care of Yourself

You can wear the most current trend, but you can’t become a fashion icon without taking care of your body. That is, you must take care of your hair, skin, teeth and other inner organs.

You can sulk in front of the mirror all you want, but without proper actions, you won’t be able to change anything about your body. You have to eat healthy and live healthy.

Work out at home, even if it’s next to your baby’s crib. Don’t give yourself the excuse that you don’t have time to take care of yourself. Do you know that your insecurity can be picked up by your baby, and it may be affected by the negativity?

Don’t do that to your baby. Be a strong, secure parent, so that your child can follow in your footsteps. Don’t teach it insecurities and excuses.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a new mom is the beginning of a new you. Yes, you will go through dramatic changes in your life. But you will also enjoy the experience so much.

Long gone are the days when moms were discouraged to dress up and have fun. Moms can have fun doing anything – babysitting, cooking, dressing up, etc.

To be honest, there is nothing wrong with having stretch marks, saggy belly and puffy eyes. In fact, they are symbols of real beauty, birth, and creation.