What is new in Word 2007? Just put: a lot. Previous version of Word looked similar and run in many of the same ways. They had toolbars, menus, task panes and a well-known-feeling design. In Word 2007, these features have been changed with a new navigation structure and many new specs that are designed to make support tasks and generating expert-looking documents simpler than ever.

Specs you will find in 2007 Word

The Ribbon system

Cascading menu choices and the lots of amazing tools have been changed by the tabbed Ribbon structure. The tabs have the equal commands as the menu in earlier editions, anyway, matched command keys are put in order combine in groups, which generally makes it simpler to complete tasks in few steps. Also, the groups, tabs, and command keys replace as you take on various jobs – showing what you want, when you need it. This may seem awesome at first, but it is very helpful and makes using all the instruments of this complex word processing program intuitive.


Themes, like styles, are an instrument you can use to generate expert-looking documents without having to be an expert design. A theme is a position of formatting options that contains heading, colors and body fonts text, as well as theme effects like fill effects and lines. When used in styles, conjunction, and templates are strong tools to generating amazing documents.

Quick styles

Earlier versions of Word contain styles, but in Word 2007 these are very simple to access and use. Quick Styles are mixtures of heading and formatting options that are showed in the Styles gallery on the home tab. You can pick a Quick styles group from the gallery style that formats your text in an attractive and cohesive manner.

Live preview

Live preview is a spec new to the office 2007 suite that permits you to view changes in your document before you exactly pick an item. Confused? Don’t be. It is exactly clever and simple.

Strong graphics tools

There is saying that an image is value a 1000 word. If this is real, then your pictures are all stronger with Word 2007. In this edition, you can simply access many new image effects and use SmartArt to include a professional touch toy our documents.

Firms often launch new edition of old items that do not live up to the publicity, but Word 2007 does. You can complete many jobs in simple steps and procedure expert-standard documents with amazing ease.

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