When you are buying portable ultrasound machines, you have a few things to consider before making your purchase. You may want to buy the cheapest machine possible, but you need to consider how the machines are made, how they are sold, and how large they are. You also need to consider which programs you can use with them. Continue reading to learn how to choose the appropriate portable ultrasound machine for your office.

Which Programs Does The Machine Work With?

Portable ultrasounds should interface with the programming that you use in your office. You know the software that you use in the office, and you must ensure that you have bought compatible devices. If you buy the cheapest machine, it may not work with your software.

Was The Device Used Or New?

If the device was used, you need to make sure that it was refurbished by a qualified seller. The seller can show you what they did to refurbish the unit, and they should provide you with the original paperwork for the device. If you are buying the device in the original box, you need to make sure that it was produced this year.

Some companies may sell you an older device that has never left the box. Yes, the device is new. However, the device is not up-to-date.

Can You Buy OEM Parts For The Device?

If you need to repair your ultrasound machine, you need to know if you can buy the appropriate parts for it. If you can buy new parts for the device, you can keep it running for a long time. You are investing in the machine so that it will work perfectly, and you do not need to continually replace older machines that break down.

If you cannot find OEM parts for the machine, you need to choose a different brand. This is especially important if you have never heard of the brand name before. Those devices may not be easy to repair.

Who Uses The Machine?

You need to know who will use the machines, how many patients will see these machines, and how many technicians will use them during the day. You can buy a machine with the appropriate features and accessories if it will be used on a lot of people every day. If you are keeping the machine in your pocket during the day, you can choose a simpler device.

You may also purchase many inexpensive units because you want each person in your office to have their own ultrasound. If you have the appropriate software and screens in each room, your staff can move around with ease because they have the ultrasound in their pocket.

3D or 4D?

You may want a 3D machine because you want to spend less money and get a basic image. This is useful if you are looking at surface issues that are easy to diagnose. If you are doing ultrasounds for pregnant mothers or patient’s with deep tissue conditions, you need a 4D machine. You can buy one of each if you want to use them for different purposes, or you may buy a larger 4D device so that you can get the best picture quality.


When you are buying portable ultrasounds, you need to make sure that you have looked at the price, how it was sold, and which features it offers. You need to know if you can buy parts for the machine, and you also need to know if the machine displays in 3D or 4D. You can buy just one for the office, or you could buy several that will be handed out to your staff.

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