How to Choose iPhone data recovery software for windows?

Selecting a good data recovery to recover files from your phone is a tough ask. Particularly, if you are an iPhone user, things get seriously hard to get back once you delete them.

However, there are software and solutions in the market that allow you to gain access to your lost data. You can get your hands on apps like UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free which is free to use solutions for individuals who want to recover their lost files.

There are several occasions when you may end up deleting a file. Whether by accident or by choice, when you are looking to retrieve the lost or corrupt data, which is now inaccessible from your phone’s storage by regular means, you need a good solution to assist you.

What data recovery software can do for you?

The job of recovery software is pretty simple, to retrieve the lost data. Whether the files are corrupted by a software, deleted by accident, or have just become inaccessible from the storage due to any reason, the recovery tool can help you reach to the file you are looking for.

Data recovery software scans your drive and discovers the files. They work on making it accessible by your phone through regular means. However, there are some solutions that give you a chance to transfer the data to your computer’s hard drive.

One way or the other, the purpose of a recovery tool is to help you get your data back. Regardless of the fact that you want to reach to data because of physical damage to your phone such as a broken screen or due to logical damage i.e. deleted files, you can easily access the files via a good tool.

How to choose a data recovery software?

There are a ton of different solutions available to you in the market. From good ones like UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free solution to the useless options, everything is available over the internet. So, how you may filter out the products and reach up to good software?

Safety and reliability

When working with any such program, you are about to access the files on your computer. Therefore, it has to be a safe and secure solution. One must not feel any hesitation or trouble when using any such solution.

Amongst the different options available in the market, most of the software is safe to use. However, you still need to consider safety and reliability before you install it.


Not all the software is compatible with the OS you are working on which is why you must search for the solutions according to your operating system. If you are looking to download the software on a windows PC, go for the ones that can work on windows.

If you want to recover the data on a Mac machine, consider the options that work on Mac. There are a few programs that are available for both Mac as well as OS. And don’t forget that there are solutions for Linux too.

Supported file types

Suppose that you want to recover a document in .pdf format and the recovery tool you are about to use only support image formats. What happens now? No matter how you try, you will always end up with images only.

Why? Because the program cannot work with other documents and formats. Similarly, there are solutions that work for documents but won’t be appropriate for recovering images. On the other hand, some programs allow you to recover various file types and use them as you like.


There are different solutions in the market, some costing you a few bucks while others can be used for free. On the other hand, some software allows you to use limited features for free whereas if you are to use all their features you need to purchase the license.

Different payment options are available to address the needs of individuals from various walks. So, look up to the cost too when choosing a program. Also, it is not necessary that one must use paid software.

If you are able to work with the free programs like UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free and recover your data, why waste your money on paid solutions?


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