Filing A Divorce; Here’s What You Should Know About The Outcomes


‘Love’ is just a word when considering the elements that keep a marriage intact. The truth is, there is something more than love that holds the marriages and helps them survive.

According to data by  Center for disease control and prevention

The marriage rate in the US is 6.9 per 1,000 of the total population, and the Divorce rate: 3.2 per 1,000 population, almost half.

Filing A Divorce
Moreover, the second half of the truth is, whenever a divorce is filed, the whole pressure falls on the child. Growing with a single parent is not easy, also not good for the child’s overall development.

Can I get sole or full custody of my child in Florida?

The straight answer to this question is NO, full custody or sole custody is not practiced by law in Florida. The Florida court will never allow complete ‘cut off’ of the other parent’s rights to see their child, have overnights with them, strengthen the relationship, and make decisions regarding their future and well being.  Though there are circumstances that allow the responsible parent to cut off the other parents time to a large extent and extend their authority.

What is parental time?

Under Florida courts, a parenting plan is created keeping in mind the needs of the individual needs of the child. This allows,

  • Each parent to maintain emotional relationship with their child
  • Ascertain and address to the specific need of the child
  • To take care of educational and development of child
  • Provide a stable residence to the child

Termination of parental rights 

Florida courts do not allow termination of parental rights even if the parent is willingly asking for it. Although the dependency courts can terminate a parent’s rights with their child, though it’s tricky, and it will take a year or more.

General FAQ’s

After a case has been filed and the child custody already negotiated, there are parents who try to cut off the other parent, either to irritate them because of their wicked nature or for safety concerns because of the potential danger they view for their child in the second custodian. Everyone needs attention in the situation of panic, to avoid employing illegal steps landing them behind the bars.

Here’s some question that you’ll have when you find yourself stuck in the practical problems.

1.My ex-husband is denying me access to my child. What should I do? This is a serious thing which you shouldn’t take lightly. Depending on what your parenting plan or the final judgment of the court offered, you should file a case against the issue. Also, consult an attorney on the matter and know all your option based on the last order. In the meanwhile, approach the law enforcement authorities to check on your child’s welfare.

2.Can the father be given parental time if the child has met him very less? If the court sees no potential danger, the father will get his time with his child which is his rights being a father. Also, he will have to pay for the child support.

The GOOD and the BAD outcomes of growing up with a single parent; the psychological slant

It has often been observed that the divorce changes the child for good or leads to a devastating impact on the child. Due to these reasons few couples choose to stay in troubled relationship rather than getting a divorce.

The GOOD Side

  • Strong sense of community
  • Strong parent and child bond
  • More responsible
  • More mature
  • Preparedness for real world
  • Lack of parental conflicts

The BAD side

  • Loneliness
  • Financial troubles
  • Emotional troubles
  • Adjustment problems after divorce
  • Behavioural problems