Fieldline markers, today, have progressed and developed quite a lot. It has come a long way from those early days when we would tie ropes and then mark up the field manually using a paint brush all along the rope. This did not apparently give many accurate results, and people had to depend a lot on the skills of the marker. Today, however, there are plenty of machines which will get the job done for you and you are not required to be as skilled as a person who would manually paint the field.

There are many options at your disposal to get line marking machines today. In fact, the options are available for almost every possible requirements and every budget. The requirements and the markets for such equipment today have reached exponential growths, and it is unimaginable that these marking equipment would have carved such a niche for themselves in the market.

Fieldline markers today

The approximate costs of field line markers can today vary from about a few hundred to up to ten thousand US dollars. However, which marker will work best for you and will suit you depends on both your specific requirements and your budget. The high end, top of the line field line markers that come at a selling price of around $5,000USD are generally recommended for specific projects. They are large scale, for instance like those of stadiums hosting FIFA World Cup matches, Rugby Premier match venues, big cricket stadiums, airports, bus terminals and parking lots. For independent contractors who want to bid for such projects of massive scales, such an enormous investment for the field line markers can be a prudent and wise choice. Because you will be able to save a lot of energy and time for yourself, also less workforce would be required, and thus the investment might pay you for itself over time.

There are also specific markers which would be more suitable for parking lots than any other project. Hence, if your specific purpose is related to parking lots, then you can consider buying a line marker that is appropriate for a parking lot.

Cheap line markers

Towards the lower side of the budget, you can find line markers which cost around a hundred dollars. These markers will help you in the maintenance of your amateur local football field or even the local high school field. For these lower end projects, you can choose these markers which will fit your budget and project perfectly. You can, of course, buy the higher end markers when your needs increase. You can visit here for a one-stop solution to all your line marker requirements.


Fieldline markers have today come a long way since their early days when lines were marked manually. Today there are a variety of markers to choose from depending on your budget and your requirements. Choose a marker that suits you and is perfect for your needs after you accurately pinpoint your purpose and the investments which you can make.