Pets are indeed the best companions to keep. Our fuzzy and feathered mates require time, attention, and cozy comfort of home the same as us.

David Beart, a Canadian company owner, claims to have the world’s most pet-friendly house. And many of you who are reading this will get inspired to search further about this man. Still, people often overlook the needs of animals living with them when it comes to home improvements.

The pet population around the world currently stands at around 54 million. Twenty-seven percent of this population accounts for dogs, while 17 percent of households have pet cats. But the question is, have you been able to accommodate your pet in a harmonious living space considering their particular needs and make them equally feel at home?

If you are not sure whether you are providing your four-legged friends with enough comfort and luxury, here are five awe-inspiring ways of making a pet-friendly home.


It is better to choose a stain-resistant fabric when purchasing padded or slipcovered furniture. Those who share the sofas and couches with their pets should be careful as it isn’t just about pet hair and dander. Sometimes, it can make your couch foul-smelling and leave unwelcoming stains on certain fabrics, which is not a pleasant experience for sure.

Try to avoid buying velvet, silk, and tweed when picking pet-friendly furniture for your home. The reason is that these fabrics are prone to stains and scratches. Instead, you can pick furniture prepared in synthetic microfiber, leather, and other fabrics that are stain-resistant.


Having a litter box is a necessity for your pet, particularly cats. Nobody wants to deal with the unpleasant odor of animal dunk. Pick the most suitable cat litter for your pet and select a feasible place to put it in your home.

It is essential to keep in mind that toileting is the time when your pet feels most vulnerable. So, it would help if you allocated a suitable corner of your home where your pet feels comfortable while defecating and from where he can get away quickly.


It is never a good idea to go for carpeted floors while keeping a pet with you at home. Unfortunately, many carpet materials cannot withstand the damage caused by pet scratches and are prone to stains. Besides stains and scratches, carpet is susceptible to absorb unwelcoming odour.

If you wish to avoid these problems, it is rather best to either invest in porcelain tile or choose ceramic tile flooring for your home. Both these flooring materials are scratch-resistant and do not absorb stains.

In case you wish to decorate your place with floor rugs, go for the ones that are easy to wash and are crafted explicitly in “indoor/outdoor” materials. Refrain from buying woven wool and jute rugs as these are likely to get scratched and ruined by both cats and dogs’ paws.


Does your pet tend to play into the trash? It is better to replace your short wastebaskets with larger trash cans containing lids unless you wish to have your floors littered with debris.

Low-lying wastebaskets should specifically get avoided in your food storage area, kitchen, and washrooms.

Keep in mind to go for a durable and secure trash can when you go to purchase one for your home. If possible, hide your trash can in some closed area or behind a kitchen cabinet to avert your pet from knocking it over.

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We all love our pets like our own kids. The last thing you wish to happen to your sweet, furry friend is to get into your medications or supplements.

Many, if not most, of these pills can prove fatal and, in some cases, even deadly for your pet. If you choose to store your medications and vitamins in your kitchen pantry or lavatory, be sure that you pick a high shelf to place them. The same is the suggestion for any toxic eatables at your home. Unfortunately, many of the foods that don’t harm humans are lethal for pets, specifically pups.

Your favorite foods and fruits, such as grapes, chocolate, raisins, nuts, and avocados, can exceptionally be toxic for dogs. Be sure to keep them out of reach.


You need to take good care of your pets’ hygiene besides providing them a friendly and warm home. Here are some tips for your pet’s hygiene needs.

  • Be sure you clean the litter box regularly
  • Bath them and wash them regularly. It helps to keep hairballs in control and prevents pet odors
  • Keep towels or drying clothes at a reachable distance while washing your pet. It will stop them from splashing water all over your place.


Our pets become a part of our family and are dear to us. Their essentials and requirements need to be taken care of, so be considerate of furnishing your home. Keep your pets in view while planning to renovate your home or moving to a new place. Your pets feel more comfortable and cozy when you provide them with the space they need and take care of their hygiene.


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