Halifax shopping area tells you the best places to shop, plus where to find the best local shopping malls. in these areas you will find art galleries, home furnishing and home accessories emporiums, big-name department stores, bookstores, antique dealers, local specialty shops, big shopping complexes and malls, affordable discount and consignment stores, and gourmet food providers. so be ready to spend money when you will visit these areas

1. Dartmouth Crossing

What do you get when you combine the best shopping in the region, a strong sense of community and a commitment to the environment? An interesting place to visit
AT Dartmouth Crossing they know that when people think of it they think great shopping and entertainment, but they are also working hard to be good neighbours and friends of the environment. It’s kind of a new idea, but they like it, and they live by it every day.

2. Bayers Lake Industrial Park

Bayers Lake Industrial Park
It is one of the most important shopping areas in Halifax. It is a gathering of the biggest stores in Halifax such as Costco, Wal-Mart, Zellers, Winner’s, Staples, Futureshop, Home Depot, and Old Navy. And the amazing thing about it that it didn’t stop at that point it is getting larger and larger, it is growing by an average of one new store every month. It is like making a shopping of everything and anything you want at one centered area, in payers lack you can find all what you need starting from a spoon for your kitchen ending up with a bedroom for your house.

3. Spring Garden Road.

Spring Garden Road.
Spring garden road is the spirit of Halifax, is the life of Halifax and the downtown. It includes about 5 to 6 malls in addition to lots of stores for men women and kids clothes. It is the area where you would like just to walk, have fun and enjoy the sight of Halifax. Consisting of nine city blocks, the area has over 200 retail shops, most independently owned, served by ample convenient parking.
also when you are in sping Gardan Road sure you would like to visit Spring Garden Place is one of the nicest malls in Halifax. Located between Dresden Row and Brenton Street, Spring Garden Place, is home to great dining as well as a number of specialty shops. Some of the restaurants located in Spring Garden Place are; Ryan Duffy’s Restaurant, Libertine Bistro, 24 Carrots Cafe, and many more. But this mall is not just restaurants, it also has a wide selection of shops. There are book stores, cooking stores, Jewlery shop, Roots outlet, shoe store, nail salon, dry cleaning and even groceries. Forms of payment and hours of store vary depending on the store. This is a fun place to shop till you drop or just to come and hang out doing some of your favorite window shopping.

4. Barrington Place

Barrington Place
It is located in downtown Halifax, and one of the most important feature for this shopping area is that it is very close to the Historic Properties. It is a nice place to walk, make a shopping and enjoy the sight of the city
The unique 19th century stone facades of Barrington Place Shops face a cobbled pedestrian streetscape known as Granville Mall. And inside, stores and professional offices are located just minutes from Halifax’s bustling waterfront and the downtown core. In the same complex as the Delta Barrington hotel, Barrington Place is at the centre of Halifax’s tourist/convention and hotel district. Customer and tenant parking are a short indoor stroll away and convenient transit connections are just outside the door.

Fisherman’s Cove

It is located just outside Dartmouth, it is a nice area for quaint Oceanside shopping, boardwalk, tours, and deep-sea fishing. Over there you can make a great shopping where you can buy aboriginal jewelry, local marine crafts, and lots of gifts. The area includes many of a seafood restaurants that you can enjoy
These are the shops and services available at Fisherman’s Cove. also The Visitor Information Centre is located in the heart of Fisherman’s Cove, open 7 days per week from 9am until 6pm. Our friendly and knowledgeable Travel Counselors work hard each summer to provide high quality customer service while celebrating and promoting our area and region. They serve as front line ambassadors of Halifax Regional Municipality and Nova Scotia to assist the traveling public with all of their vacation needs by providing current guide books, maps, brochures, accommodation listings and making reservations

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