Is tight, sleek and toned belly is somewhere in your wish list?

Well, belly fat not only looks unattractive, but can also increases the risk of hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and even morality. Also, unlike other body fat, it is stubborn and hard to get rid of.

If you want to say hello to the flattering tummy, have a look at these surprising tricks, foods and exercises to help you get fit in your old clothes:

Diet Plays A Huge Role:

Diet plays a significant role in staying healthy and having a flat belly. So stick to the food that contains complex carbs like whole grain, green vegetables and fruits rather than the simple carbohydrates. Refrain from sugary drinks, refined-grain pasta and white bread. Eat more lean protein and replace trans fats with polyunsaturated fats.

Eat In Small Portions:

For belly fat, eating portion-controlled meals like whole-grain food or monounsaturated fats is the best way to cut the belly fat. Also, consume food in small portions, take short breaks and don’t bulk-up at once. Go for healthy snacks and high-energy food. Belly fat is also associated with inflammation, so don’t eat processed foods.

Refined grains like crackers, chips, white bread and refined sugar will increase inflammation only, so refrain from them too. Consume natural foods like fruits, whole grains, vegetables that have anti-inflammatory properties to prevent belly fat. You can also go for having dry fruits, nuts, raw or steamed veggies or fruits to snack healthy.

No Sugar Diet:

No Sugar DietTry to skip sugar or eat as close to zero gram of sugar as possible. Eating low sugar foods will keep insulin level low and helps in keeping the glucagon level high. Glucagon aids in controlling the glucose level in the blood by using fat as energy. Least the gram of sugar you consume lower will be your insulin, and higher will be your glucagon.


Regular exercising can burn calories, boost metabolism and help you swiftly lose weight. You can also go for martial art or aerobic exercises if you don’t have time to hit the gym. There are many institutes like Perth martial art that offers training to all age groups. You can also try at-home exercises like:

  • Crunches: Crunches top the list when it comes to choosing the best exercises to lose fat. They not only help you shed kilos but also help you tone abdominal muscles around the belly.
  • Bicycle exercise: Cycling helps burning belly fat and aids in building lean muscles. Also, it improves cardio health and endurance and is also considered one of the most effective exercises.
  • Leg circle: Apart from toning your thighs and hips, leg circles stretch and contracts the abdominal muscles. Also, you can try it anywhere; simply lie on the floor with hands at one side. Start rotating the leg to make a complete circle and keep on switching between the legs.
  • The Plank: Plank is a strength building exercise that works great with abdominal muscles. It exercises and stretches the stomach muscles, and aids in increasing your legs and arms strength.
  • Leg Drops: Get rid of the adamant belly fat by doing leg drops. It not only helps in strengthening the stomach muscles but also helps in toning the abdominal muscles as they contract and expand when raising the lower leg.
  • Hip lifts: This Pilate exercise helps in toning the muscles of your lower back.

Jogging Will Help In Burning Fat:

Jogging helps in breaking down the extra unwanted body fat, and is quite an effective exercise. This aerobic exercise helps to fight obesity and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Sea Salt Is A Savior:

Salt is the culprit that makes your tummy bloat. So use natural sea salt which is low in sodium than the traditional table salts. Also refrain from the soy sauce, as even low sodium soy sauce contains a high amount of sodium that causes bloating in the body. If you want, you can use fresh tomato salsa or a dash of cayenne pepper which aids in boosting metabolism.

Do Not Skip Breakfast:

People mostly think that skipping the breakfast helps in weight loss, however, on the contrary, it increases blunder and brings your body into the starving mode.

So, those were some of the most important tips to reduce the belly fat and to have a healthy life.